How to Correct Name on JAMB Portal 2023/2024 – STEPS

If you want to know How to Correct name on JAMB Portal, then you are on the right track – The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is responsible for conducting entrance examinations for students seeking admission to tertiary institutions in Nigeria. One of the crucial aspects of the JAMB registration process is ensuring that students’ names are correctly entered on the portal.

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However, mistakes can happen, leading to discrepancies in the candidate’s name. Fortunately, JAMB has provided a simple procedure to correct any name-related errors on their portal.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of How to Correct name on JAMB Portal for the 2023/2024 academic session.

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Steps How to Correct Name on JAMB Portal

1.   Understand the importance of your name

Your name carries immense significance, especially when it comes to official documents and identification purposes. It is essential to have your name entered accurately during your JAMB registration to avoid any future complications. The correct name ensures a smooth admission process and prevents issues when presenting documents to various institutions or government authorities.

2.   Identify the error in your name

Before proceeding with the correction process, it is vital that you identify the specific error in your name. Common mistakes include misspellings, wrong initials, or missing parts of your name. Carefully scrutinize your JAMB registration slip or other official documents to pinpoint the exact discrepancies.

3.   Collect the required documents

To correct the name on the JAMB portal, you will need specific documents for verification and evidence purposes. Gather the necessary documents, including your original birth certificate, local government identification certificate, and original JAMB registration slip. It is also advisable to have additional identification documents, such as your National Identification Number (NIN) and passport photographs.

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4.   Visit an accredited JAMB office

Once you have gathered the required documents, visit the nearest JAMB office or any other designated centre that handles corrections. Consult the official JAMB website for a list of accredited centres available in your location. Ensure to carry your original documents, as photocopies are generally not accepted.

5.   Obtain the JAMB correction form

Upon reaching the designated JAMB office, inquire about the correction form required for correcting the name on the portal. Fill out the form accurately and double-check the information before submitting it. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by the JAMB officials.

6.   Pay the necessary fees

JAMB charges a specific fee for correcting your name on the portal. The fee varies depending on the nature of the correction and may be subject to change. Visit the JAMB office’s payment portal or consult the officials present to determine the current fee and make the payment accordingly.

7.   Submit the correction form and necessary documents

After completing the correction form and making the required payment, submit the form along with the supporting documents. The officials will verify the authenticity of your documents and cross-check the information provided. It is crucial to ensure that all information matches the original documents to avoid any further delays or complications.

8.   Follow up and track progress

Once you have submitted the correction form, it is advisable to monitor the progress of your request. JAMB provides additional options to track the status of your application online or through SMS notifications. Stay updated and follow any instructions provided by JAMB officials during this period.

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Ensuring that your name is correctly entered on the JAMB portal is crucial for a seamless admission process. Mistakes in your name can lead to complications in obtaining admission, presenting documents, or receiving your final results.

By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this How to Correct Name on JAMB Portal article, you can rectify any errors efficiently. Remember to carefully review your registration details, consult the official JAMB website, and gather the necessary documents before visiting an authorized correction centre. Correcting your name on the JAMB portal for the 2023/2024 session ensures that your academic journey proceeds without any hindrances.

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