How to Spend Christmas as an International Student in the USA

How to Spend Christmas as an International Student in the USA – As an international student in the United States, the holiday season can be an exciting but challenging experience. You’re away from your family and friends, and the Christmas customs may be different from what you’re used to. But fear not! There are plenty of ways to embrace the festive spirit and make the most of your Christmas in the U.S.

Stay Connected

The holidays, filled with cheer and festivities, can also bring about a sense of loneliness, especially for The first step to combating loneliness during the holiday season is to keep in touch with your loved ones back home. Here are some ways to do that:

Schedule Video Calls

Timing is crucial. Consider time zones when scheduling calls with your family and friends. Use a calendar app to set reminders so that no one misses out on the holiday catch-up session.

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Virtual Games and Activities

Video calls don’t just have to be about talking; you can also engage in fun activities together. Play online games, hold a virtual trivia contest, or even watch a holiday movie simultaneously while on a call. These shared experiences create a sense of togetherness.

Send Festive Photos and Snippets

Rather than just sending a generic holiday greeting, make it personal. Capture snippets of your holiday experiences in the U.S., like decorating your dorm room or cooking a special dish, and share them. This gives your loved ones a window into your life and keeps the emotional connection strong.

Virtual Christmas Dinner

If you can’t be there for the holiday feast, why not have a virtual one? Coordinate with your family to have dinner together over a video call. You can either cook the same recipes or enjoy your respective meals while chatting.

Utilize Technology to Its Fullest

Apps like Zoom and FaceTime are common platforms for video calls but don’t overlook other features they offer, like virtual backgrounds that can add a festive touch. Some apps allow you to watch movies together online or play games, offering more ways to interact.

 Find Friends on Campus

During Christmas, many students from different countries stay on campus. You’re not alone. Use this time to meet new people and help each other.

Why not throw a party? Invite everyone, no matter their background. Ask them to bring a dish from their home country. Or they can share how they celebrate the holiday season in their culture. This way, you learn new things and make friends from all over the school. It’s fun and friendly.

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Research University Events

During the holidays, Universities often organize events specifically for international students. Here’s how to make the most of what’s on offer:

Check the College’s Event Calendar

Universities typically have a calendar on their website or a mobile app that lists upcoming events. Regularly check this resource. That way, you’ll never miss out on something interesting.

Sign Up for Newsletters

Many schools send out newsletters to students about upcoming events. Make sure you’re on the mailing list so you can get details right in your inbox. You might discover something you didn’t even know you were interested in!

Explore a Range of Activities

Events can vary widely, from Christmas tree lighting ceremonies to holiday markets filled with crafts and food. These give you a taste of local traditions while allowing you to socialize.

Don’t Miss Movie Nights

Universities often hold movie nights featuring holiday classics. It’s a cozy way to spend an evening, complete with popcorn and a sense of community. Plus, it’s a stress-free way to enjoy the holiday vibes.

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Be Proactive

If you don’t see an event that interests you, consider talking to the international student office. They might have more information or even take your suggestions for future activities.

By actively participating in university-organized events, you’ll likely find your holiday season far more enjoyable and less lonely.

Discover How Americans Celebrate Christmas

This holiday season is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in American Christmas traditions. You can join in on gift exchanges, which are often organized among friends, family, or even work colleagues.

Decorating a Christmas tree is another activity you won’t want to miss; you can make it a group event to share the experience with others.

And when it comes to food, try baking some American holiday favorites like gingerbread cookies. Not only will these activities help you understand how Americans celebrate Christmas, but they’ll also give you a hands-on, joyful experience of the holiday season.

Visit a Friend

If you get an invitation from a local friend to spend Christmas with their family, definitely consider taking it. This is an excellent way to dive deep into American culture.

You’ll see first-hand how families in the U.S. celebrate right from the morning excitement of opening gifts to the elaborate dinners often featuring dishes like turkey, ham, or roast beef. It’s not just about the activities and food; you’ll also get to experience the warmth and closeness that many families share during this special time.

It’s an enriching experience that offers more than just fun; it provides a deeper understanding of American family dynamics during the holidays.

Take a Vacation

Christmas break provides a couple of weeks off, making it an excellent time to explore the U.S. Whether you decide to visit famous landmarks or enjoy winter sports, make sure to plan ahead to maximize your vacation experience.

University Events and Public Festivities

Besides the events your university organizes, there’s a whole world of public festivities to explore in the local city or community. Christmas parades often line the streets, complete with floats, music, and even Santa Claus sometimes.

Holiday markets are another attraction, offering everything from festive food and drinks to unique crafts that make perfect gifts. And let’s not forget the concerts local musicians or even bigger names might be in town to celebrate the season with special performances.

These public events offer a different yet equally enjoyable way to get into the holiday spirit. They provide a broader understanding of how the community celebrates and also give you a chance to mingle with locals and students from other schools.

Share Your Traditions

While you’re exploring how Americans celebrate Christmas, it’s a good idea to also share your own traditions. You could host a get-together with a mix of international and American students. At this gathering, you can introduce them to how Christmas is celebrated in your home country.

This could mean cooking a traditional holiday dish, explaining unique customs, or even playing festive games from your culture.

By making the event interactive, you’ll not only educate others but also create a sense of community and belonging. It’s a two-way street: you learn about American customs, and they get to learn about yours. This creates a richer, more diverse holiday experience for everyone involved.

Volunteer Your Time

Christmas is a season of giving, and volunteering is a fulfilling way to contribute. Many organizations need extra help during the holidays, so find a cause that you’re passionate about and give back.

Go on a Job Hunt

If you’re looking to make some extra money, the holiday season is an excellent time for job hunting. Retail stores and restaurants often hire seasonal staff, so take advantage of this opportunity to boost your resume and earn some extra cash.


Spending Christmas as an international student in the U.S. doesn’t have to be a lonely or overwhelming experience. With a little planning, openness to new experiences, and connection with others, you can have a fulfilling and memorable holiday season.

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