Top 10 Courses To Study Whilst Stuck At Home | Universities Offering Free Online Courses

Courses To Study Whilst Stuck At Home | Universities Offering Free Online Courses – With remote work and social distancing measures becoming increasingly common, many of us find ourselves with extra time on our hands. Why not invest that time in learning something new?

From boosting your professional skills to exploring your passions, here are the top 10 courses you can study without stepping out of your home.

Digital Marketing – Google Digital Garage

The Google Digital Garage offers an excellent certification course on digital marketing. This course not only teaches you about SEO but also dives into social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

Access Course: Google Digital Garage

Python Programming – Coursera

Learn to code in Python, one of the most in-demand programming languages, through Coursera’s Python for Everybody course.

Access Course: Coursera

Photography Basics – Udemy

If you’ve always wanted to master the art of photography, Udemy offers a beginner-friendly course to get you started.

Access Course: Udemy

Introduction to Data Science – edX

This course from UC San Diego on edX provides a comprehensive introduction to the burgeoning field of data science.

Access Course: edX

Writing Fiction – FutureLearn

For the budding writers out there, FutureLearn’s Writing Fiction course guides you through the journey of creating your own stories.

Access Course: FutureLearn

Financial Literacy – Khan Academy

Understanding finances can be daunting. Khan Academy’s course offers a straightforward way to become financially savvy.

Access Course: Khan Academy

Mindfulness and Stress Management – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a course that could help you manage stress and practice mindfulness.

Access Course: LinkedIn Learning

History of Art – Open Culture

This course will take you on a journey through the ages, looking at the evolution of art throughout history.

Access Course: Open Culture

Basic Cooking Skills – Skillshare

Skillshare provides a beginner’s guide to cooking, covering everything from kitchen basics to intricate recipes.

Access Course: Skillshare

Human Anatomy – Alison

If you’re fascinated by the human body, Alison’s diploma in Human Anatomy gives you an in-depth understanding of our physical structure.

Access Course: Alison

9 Top Universities Offering Free Online Courses And Few Of The Courses

Harvard University: Introduction to Computer Science

Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science, commonly referred to as CS50, is an entry-level course that covers the basics of programming, algorithms, and problem-solving. This course has gained massive popularity for its engaging content and hands-on approach.

Why Take This Course: Ideal for those who want to start a career in software development, data science, or any other tech-related field.

Access Course: Harvard CS50

Stanford University: Machine Learning

Stanford’s Machine Learning course, taught by the renowned Andrew Ng, covers supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and best practices in machine learning.

Why Take This Course: Perfect for those looking to understand the math and practical applications behind machine learning algorithms.

Access Course: Coursera Machine Learning

MIT: Introduction to Biology

MIT’s Introduction to Biology course is designed to give you a foundational understanding of the biological processes at the cellular and molecular levels.

Why Take This Course: Ideal for aspiring biologists, pre-med students, or anyone interested in the life sciences.

Access Course: MIT OCW Biology

University of Cambridge: Understanding Climate Change

This course delves into the science, history, and future implications of climate change, providing a well-rounded view of this pressing issue.

Why Take This Course: Essential for those interested in environmental science, policy-making, or activism.

Access Course: Understanding Climate Change

University of Oxford: Critical Reasoning for Beginners

This course focuses on enhancing your critical thinking skills, teaching you how to argue logically and evaluate others’ arguments.

Why Take This Course: Excellent for anyone who wants to improve decision-making or delve into philosophy.

Access Course: Oxford Podcast

Yale University: The Science of Well-Being

Yale’s course teaches psychological techniques to improve your happiness, debunking common myths about what makes us happy.

Why Take This Course: For those looking to enhance their emotional well-being or understand the psychology of happiness.

Access Course: Coursera Well-Being

Princeton University: Algorithms, Part I

This course, available on Coursera, covers the fundamentals of algorithms, focusing on data types, sorting, and searching algorithms.

Why Take This Course: Great for those who want to enhance their programming skills or understand computational problem-solving.

Access Course: Coursera Algorithms

University of Edinburgh: Introduction to Philosophy

This course will take you through the fundamentals of philosophy, covering topics such as ethics, logic, and epistemology.

Why Take This Course: A solid starting point for anyone interested in philosophical thought or human behavior.

Access Course: Coursera Philosophy

University of Tokyo: Basic Analytical Chemistry

This course offers an understanding of the principles of analytical chemistry and its applications in scientific research.

Why Take This Course: Ideal for students of chemistry or those looking to enter the field of research.

Access Course: Edx Chemistry


Being stuck at home doesn’t have to mean being stuck in a rut. Seize the opportunity to learn something new, whether it’s for personal enrichment or career advancement. These courses and free resources from prestigious universities offer a plethora of options to make the most of your time indoors.


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