University of Ilorin School Fees 2024/2025

A Comprehensive Overview of the University of Ilorin’s Revised School Fees Structure

The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) is a federal university located in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. Established in 1975, UNILORIN has grown to become one of the largest universities in West Africa with over 50,000 students. The university is organized into 12 faculties, offering academic programs across sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

In November 2023, UNILORIN announced a downward review of its school fees structure following protests and appeals by the student union. The revised fees were approved by the Governing Council after extensive deliberations. In this detailed article, we provide an overview of the new school fees structure for various categories of students at UNILORIN.

University of Ilorin School Fees


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University of Ilorin School Fees Summary

Fees CategoryAmount (per session)Additional Charges (per session)
Fresh Undergraduate Students
Science-based faculties₦114,720 – ₦138,240Acceptance fee – ₦2,000
Medical fees – ₦5,000
Student Union dues – ₦1,000
Sports fees – ₦200
Library fees – ₦300
Exam fees – ₦400
Technology levy – ₦15,000
Utility fees – ₦10,000
Miscellaneous charges (if applicable)
Arts and Humanities faculties₦133,000Same as above
College of Health Sciences₦215,820Same as above
Returning Undergraduate Students
Science-based faculties₦52,700 – ₦69,360Same as above
Arts and Humanities faculties₦63,000Same as above
College of Health Sciences₦91,430Same as above
University of Ilorin School Fees

Revised Undergraduate School Fees at UNILORIN

The revised total fees for undergraduate students at UNILORIN depends primarily on their faculty as well as whether they are fresh/new students or returning students.

Undergraduate Fees for Fresh Students

According to the new fee regime, fresh undergraduates at UNILORIN now pay:

  • Science-based faculties: ₦114,720 – ₦138,240 per session
  • Arts and Humanities faculties: ₦133,000 per session
  • College of Health Sciences: ₦215,820 per session

The science-based faculties include faculties of Agriculture, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences etc. The arts and humanities faculties include faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Education etc.

The College of Health Sciences covers faculties of Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences etc.

As evident, fees vary across faculties depending on program intensity and requirements.

Undergraduate Fees for Returning Students

For returning undergraduate students, UNILORIN’s revised school fees are:

  • Science-based faculties: ₦52,700 – ₦69,360 per session
  • Arts and Humanities faculties: ₦63,000 per session
  • College of Health Sciences: ₦91,430 per session

The fees for returning students are significantly lower than fresh students in line with pleas from the student union leaders.

Additional Undergraduate Charges

Aside from the tuition fees, undergraduates also pay the following charges per session:

  • Acceptance fee (one-time) – ₦2,000
  • Medical fees – ₦5,000
  • Student Union dues – ₦1,000
  • Sports fees – ₦200
  • Library fees – ₦300
  • Exam fees – ₦400
  • Technology levy – ₦15,000
  • Utility fees – ₦10,000

Some health-related programs also attract additional miscellaneous charges of ₦5,000 – ₦10,000 per session.

In summary, undergraduate students at UNILORIN now pay between ₦63,000 to ₦215,820 per session, depending on program of study and category.

Payment Procedure for UNILORIN School Fees

The standard procedure for payment of school fees after the downward review is as follows:

  • New students pay all fees before registration
  • Returning students pay at the start of each new session
  • Payment is made via designated bank branches using pay direct slips
  • UNILORIN student portal is used to generate invoice for payment
  • Proof of payment presented to Bursary department for confirmation

Students can pay the full fees upfront or structure an installment payment plan spreading costs over 4 months.

Impact of the Fee Reduction at UNILORIN

The reduction in school fees has been widely welcomed across the UNILORIN community. Some of the major impacts include:

  • Relief for parents and students who struggled with high fees
  • Increased access and affordability of university education
  • High morale and motivation among the student body
  • Goodwill for the university management for listening to students
  • Renewed commitment by students to pursuing academic excellence

The move aligns with global trends focusing on affordable education as a sustainable development goal. For financially challenged students and families, the UNILORIN fee cut is a welcome respite.


The University of Ilorin now offers one of the most affordable university education in Nigeria with significantly reduced school fees across all categories and programs. This laudable decision by the management will go a long way in easing the burden of education costs on students and parents. read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions on UNILORIN Fees

Here are some common questions relating to the new UNILORIN school fees regime:

What is the acceptance fee for fresh students at UNILORIN?

The acceptance fee for new UNILORIN students is ₦2,000. This one-time, non-refundable fee confirms acceptance of admission.

How much are the hostel accommodation fees?

UNILORIN hostel fees range from ₦12,000 to ₦30,000 per session depending on room type and location.

When is the deadline for payment by new students?

Full fees must be paid by fresh students before registration and orientation. Deadline is usually 4-6 weeks from admission.

Which faculties had the highest reduction in fees?

The College of Health Sciences and Science-based faculties had fees reduced by over 50% for fresh students compared to last session.

Are indigenes and non-indigenes charged the same fees?

Yes, the new fees apply equally to both indigene and non-indigene students. No differentiation by state.

Are there penalties for late payment?

Yes, a 5% late fee penalty may be charged per month for payment after deadlines. Access to facilities may be restricted.

When will the fees be reviewed again?

Likely after 2-3 sessions. But adjustments will be moderate, as per student union agreement.

I hope this detailed overview provides you ample insight into UNILORIN’s revised school fees structure. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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