JAMB Office in Bauchi State; Location & Time Open

Each Nigerian state, including Bauchi, hosts a JAMB office to facilitate smooth operations and accessibility for students and other stakeholders. It plays a crucial role in the admission process for Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

This guide delves into the specifics of the JAMB office in Bauchi State, Nigeria, providing detailed information about its location, operational times, contact details, and more.

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What is the Level of the JAMB Office Branch in Bauchi State

The Bauchi State branch of JAMB operates as a Zonal Office. This implies that it has a broader scope of operations compared to smaller, state-level offices, serving as a regional hub for JAMB activities.

Location of the JAMB Office in Bauchi State

  • House Number: Yelwa 740102
  • Street/Road Name: Off Ahmadu Bello Way
  • City Name: Bauchi City
  • Reference Point: Opposite State Treasury

Complete Address

JAMB Zonal Office
Off Ahmodu Bello Way,
Opposite State Treasury Bauchi,
Yelwa 740102,
Bauchi State.

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Operational Times

  • Opening Days: Monday to Friday
  • Opening Hours: 8 AM to 4 PM
  • Closing Time: 4 PM

Note: Closed on weekends and public holidays

Contact Details of the JAMB Office

Other JAMB Offices Near Bauchi State

Neighboring states with JAMB offices include:

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What is the JAMB Office?

A government agency managing the UTME and addressing related student issues.

How Many JAMB Offices are in Bauchi?

One zonal office, with 15 JAMB CBT Approved Centres for additional support.

Is the JAMB Office in Bauchi Open Now?

Depends on the time and day; open Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.

Is the JAMB Office in Bauchi Open on Saturday?

No, closed on weekends.

How to Get to the JAMB Office in Bauchi?

Accessible via bus, car, or keke; located on Boni Haruna Street, off Ahmadu Bello Expressway,

opposite the State Treasury.

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The office in Bauchi State serves as a critical center for managing and facilitating the UTME process and other related services in the region. Its strategic location, comprehensive contact options, and operational schedule ensure that it effectively caters to the needs of students and other stakeholders in the educational sector.

This guide provides all the essential information for anyone looking to visit or contact the office in Bauchi State, aiding in a smooth and efficient interaction with the organization.

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