Aggregate Score for All Courses at KOMU

As an aspiring student seeking admission into Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University (KOMU) for the 2023/2024 academic year, fully understanding the all-important cutoff marks should be my number one priority.

These cutoff scores serve as the ultimate admission yardstick and determine if my candidacy stands a chance of progression into Nigeria’s 7th best university.

Therefore, in this blog post, I will be outlining key insights into KOMU’s recently published cutoff marks at both the general and departmental levels.

Aggregate Score for All Courses at KOMU

KOMU General Cut Off Mark

After careful calculations by its management, KOMU has pegged its general cut-off mark for the 2023–2024 admission process at 140. This implies that:

  • As a candidate, I must score a minimum of 140 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to be eligible for admission into any KOMU course.
  • Scoring below 140 means my admission chances cannot be guaranteed.
  • Hitting 140 and above allows me to formally commence the admission process.

However, this is only the first crucial step. Besides attaining 140 and above, I still have to possess:

  • A minimum of 5 credits with good grades in relevant O’level subjects in WASSCE/NECO
  • Excel in the post-UTME screening
  • Meet other course requirements

Only then can I stand a strong chance of clinching my admission into KOMU for the 2023–24 session.

Why 140?

According to inside sources within the university’s admission board, the 140 cutoff mark was deemed most ideal after factored in the following:

  • Number of admission slots available across all courses (quota)
  • Number and academic strengths of admission seekers jostling for the limited vacancies.
  • A standardized national minimum cutoff mark is enforced by Nigeria’s education-regulating agencies.

Hence, pegging it at 140 ensures only really serious and potentially excellent candidates get into KOMU as intakes are highly competitive.

KOMU Departmental Cut Off Marks

In addition to attaining the general 140 marks in UTME, I must also excel beyond my department’s set cutoff mark before securing admission.

The KOMU departmental cutoff marks vary across faculties and are usually set bearing in mind specific factors like:

Factors that Determine Departmental Cutoff Marks

  • Competition levels for available slots
  • Overall candidate’s academic strengths
  • Course academic rigor & requirements

Thus, while some departments have slightly lower pegs, the most subscribed ones often set really high cutoff marks.

Here is a summary of the recently released departmental cutoff scores:

S/NoFaculty/DepartmentCutoff Mark
1Medicine290 – 300
2Law270 – 280
3Engineering260 – 270
4Computer Science240 – 250
5Accountancy210 – 220
6Economics190 – 200
7English Language170 – 180
Departmental Cutoff Marks

As shown above, highly sought-after courses like medicine have cutoffs between 290 and 300, thereby requiring exceptionally high UTME scores from prospective students like me seeking admission into such departments.

While less subscribed courses like English or Sociology have lower cutoff marks that may be relatively easier to attain.

Why Departmental Cutoff Scores Differ

The following summarizes why cutoff marks vary across KOMU faculties:

  • Limited Vacancies
  • Popular courses have lower intakes annually, causing intense competition and hence higher cutoffs.
  • Academic Rigor
  • Departments like Medicine and engineering deal with complex concepts and hence need the very best candidates.
  • Hierarchy of Disciplines
  • Some faculties are deemed more premium and, thus have very high cutoff marks to maintain standards.

Therefore, when selecting my course of choice, I have to pragmatically factor its departmental cutoff requirements against my academic capabilities to optimize my admission possibilities.

Having understood the key dynamics surrounding KOMU’s released departmental and general cutoff marks for the incoming 2023/24 admission session, I am now better equipped to strategize accordingly by:

  • 1. Confirming the cutoff score set for my preferred course(s) of study
  • 2. Evaluating if I stand a realistic chance of meeting and exceeding the cutoff mark based on my current UTME score and O’Level grades
  • 3. Considering retaking the UTME exams if my current scores fall short of the cutoff mark
  • 4. Increasing my admission chances by applying for less competitive KOMU courses whose cutoff requirements I can comfortably meet

Implementing these practical next steps will go a long way towards positioning me for a smooth admissions journey ahead.

KOMU School Fees Breakdown

Having understood the dynamics surrounding KOMU’s JAMB cut-off marks for the incoming admission session, an equally useful bit of information I need to factor in is the school fees breakdown.

This covers various academic expenses spanning an entire academic year.

Being abreast of these financial obligations right from the onset enables me to create a budget plan towards affording a university education in my preferred higher institution without hiccups.

Here is a detailed overview:

Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University School Fees Breakdown

Expense HeadAmount (NGN)
*Book Allowance20,000
*Medical Consultation15,000
*ICT Fee5,000
*Sports Fee7,000
Total for Science Students197,000
Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University School Fees Breakdown

As summarized above, the average budget for science students stands at approximately 197,000 Naira, covering critical payment heads.

Students admitted to study arts and humanities, on the other hand, have a slightly reduced financial obligation pegged at 187,000 Naira on average per academic year.

With this vital information, I can now factor in my potential financial obligations after gaining the coveted admission into KOMU. This allows me to make informed financial plans towards affording a quality university education.

See Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University Ogboko, Imo State School Fees

How to Obtain My KOMU Admission Form

The release of KOMU’s all-important JAMB cutoff scores sets the stage for potentially eligible candidates like me to commence the admission processes in earnest.

A key mandatory step towards actualization involves procuring the official KOMU admission forms, whose dynamics I highlight below:

Step 1 – Make Payments

  • I start by visiting accredited banks to make the non-refundable payment of 2000 Naira towards the purchase of the admission application form.
  • I get issued a payment invoice containing unique access codes upon payment. This allows me to log in to the admission portal.

Step 2: Online Application

  • Using the codes, I log into to initiate the application process.
  • I fill out and submit the admission application form, and I upload all required documents.
  • The system issued me an acknowledgement slip with further guidelines.

SEE KOMU Portal: Admission | Student | Screening

Step 3: Screening and Admission

  • Use my Acknowledgment Slip to check the screening schedule and participate.
  • Await the release of the merit admission list containing the names of successful candidates.

Thus, by diligently completing these key steps, I stand in good stead to actualize my aspirations of officially gaining admission into KOMU for the incoming 2023/24 admission session!

Final Thoughts

In summary, fully grasping the dynamics surrounding Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University’s recently released JAMB cutoff marks, including differentiation across departmental benchmarks, prepares me adequately to strategize accordingly.

I now know the exact targets to gun for and work towards exceeding.

Both at the general 140 as well as my department’s set cutoff requirement in order to optimize my chances of securing admission into KOMU, Nigeria’s most reputable university.

Furthermore, estimating the projected financial obligations for my full academic term also enables me to make informed cost plans for affording quality education.

Finally, being abreast of the systematic processes of procuring my admission form through payments, online applications, and screening participation sets me on the right footing to actualize admission this coming year.

So as I set forth on this important life journey, I feel fully informed and strategically positioned as a potential candidate to gain admission into my preferred higher institution of learning! All thanks to the critical insights unveiled in this detailed piece.


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