An In-Depth Overview of Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH)

Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH), formerly known as Lagos State Polytechnic, is one of the most reputable institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.

With its diverse academic programs across 6 colleges, 2 schools, and a dedicated School of Postgraduate Studies, LASUSTECH offers students the opportunity to develop critical skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s world. Read more here.

LASUST Courses Offered


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Delta University of Science and Technology Courses Offered

LASUST Courses Offered

CollegePrograms Offered
College of Agriculture– Agricultural Economics & Farm Management
– Agricultural Engineering
– Agricultural Technology
– Animal Breeding and Genetics
– Animal Production
– Aqua Culture and Fisheries Management
College of Applied Social Sciences– Business Administration
– Accounting
– Banking and Finance
– Mass Communication
– Office and Information Technology
College of Basic Sciences– Biological Sciences
– Biotechnology
– Chemical Sciences
– Computer Science
– Mathematics
– Physics
– Statistics
College of Engineering– Civil Engineering
– Computer Engineering
– Electrical Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering
– Mechatronics
– Petroleum Engineering
College of Environmental Studies– Architecture
– Building Technology
– Estate Management
– Environmental Management and Toxicology
– Quantity Surveying
– Urban and Regional Planning
School of Art, Design and Printing Technology– Art and Design
– Graphic Design
– Printing Technology
School of Postgraduate StudiesVarious Master’s degrees and Ph.D. programs in different fields
LASUST Courses Offered

A Quick History

LASUSTECH has a rich history that dates back to 1978 when it was founded as Lagos State College of Science and Technology. It operated under this name until 2016 when the Lagos State Government upgraded it to a full-fledged university under the new name – Lagos State University of Science and Technology. This upgrade enabled the institution to run advanced undergraduate and postgraduate programs in diverse fields of study.

Over the years, LASUSTECH has cemented its place as one of the top destinations for quality technical education in Nigeria. The university currently has over 15,000 students enrolled in various programs across different disciplines. Its vision is to be a top-class institution dedicated to practical training, skills acquisition, research, and community service. READ MORE HERE.

An Overview of Academic Programs

LASUSTECH is structured into various colleges and schools that house related academic departments and programs. Here is an overview:

College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture is one of the oldest faculties in LASUSTECH having been established along with the founding of the institution. It focuses on empowering students with the knowledge and competencies to drive agricultural productivity and food security.

Some of the popular undergraduate programs offered include:

  • Agricultural Economics & Farm Management: This 4-year bachelor’s degree equips students with skills in agricultural business, finance, marketing, policies, and organizational management among others.
  • Agricultural Engineering: Students learn about applying engineering and technological principles in the field of agriculture. Key focus areas are farm machinery, processing equipment, soil and water conservation etc.
  • Animal Production: This program covers diverse aspects of livestock farming such as feeding, housing, animal genetics, meat processing, dairy management, poultry science etc.
  • Aquaculture and Fisheries Management: The curriculum encompasses fish farming operations, management of fisheries resources, fish nutrition, breeding, and fish disease prevention and treatment.

College of Applied Social Sciences

This college focuses on disciplines under the applied social sciences realm including business, finance, accounting, mass communication, administration etc. Key highlights of programs offered are:

  • Business Administration: Students pursue core business courses in marketing, human resources, operations, strategy, organizational behavior etc. There are also opportunities for specializations in areas like marketing, finance, and more during the latter years.
  • Accounting: This program equips learners with financial accounting, cost accounting, taxation, auditing, and related competencies to prepare for careers in accounting fields.
  • Banking and Finance: The banking and finance degree focuses strongly on financial systems, investments, portfolio management, risk analysis, securities trading, fiscal policies, etc.
  • Mass Communication: Key areas covered include journalism, public relations, digital and social media, filming, broadcasting, cinematography, media law and ethics among others.

College of Basic Sciences

As the name suggests, this college delivers programs focused on core science disciplines including computer science, biological sciences, mathematics, statistics and more. Some key programs are:

  • Biological Sciences: Students explore diverse areas of biology including cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, ecology, botany, zoology, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology etc.
  • Mathematics: This program involves deep exploration of various concepts in mathematics such as calculus, algebra, number theory, geometry, topology, mathematical logic and applied mathematics.
  • Computer Science: Spanning across 4 years, core courses and specializations cover programming, data structures, algorithm design, database systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, Blockchain technology etc.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering has become one of the most popular colleges in LASUSTECH due to rising student interests in fields like software engineering, computer science, civil engineering etc. It offers the following quality programs:

  • Civil Engineering: Focus areas encompass structural engineering, transport systems, hydraulics, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction/project management etc.
  • Computer Engineering: Students take courses blending electrical engineering and computer science concepts. Key topics are digital electronics, microprocessors systems, software development, machine intelligence, system security, Internet of Things etc.
  • Petroleum Engineering: As an energy industry-focused program, core courses cover geology of petroleum, drilling engineering, reservoir simulation, oil/gas pipeline design, petroleum economics, refinery technology etc.

College of Environmental Studies

This college delivers programs centered around the built environment, physical infrastructural planning and management. Some key offerings include:

  • Architecture: Discipline areas span across architectural design, building climatology, visual representation, housing development, landscape architecture, interior architecture etc.
  • Building Technology: Students explore structural analysis, construction management, quantity/cost estimation, HVAC systems, building maintenance, quality assurance and related competencies.
  • Urban and Regional Planning: Key focus areas include urban infrastructural planning, regional development policy, transportation planning, demographics and spatial analysis tools like GIS.

School of Art, Design and Printing Technology

This relatively new school under LASUSTECH focuses specifically on visual arts, graphics/printing and related creative disciplines. Programs delivered include:

  • Graphic Design: Core courses cover typography, branding and identity, user experience (UX) design, packaging design, game art, web/app design, animation graphics etc.
  • Printing Technology: Students explore modern printing processes, color management, quality control, machine operations and maintenance, printing business management etc.

School of Postgraduate Studies

Dedicated to advanced learning, this school houses various postgraduate programs across LASUSTECH’s colleges and departments. Offerings include:

  • Masters Degrees (M.Sc/M.A/MBA/M.Eng etc.)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs

Specialized areas available for postgraduate research/coursework span diverse fields like architecture, botany, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, zoology, microbiology, petroleum engineering etc.

Facilities at LASUSTECH

As a premier university of technology, LASUSTECH houses state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate practical training alongside theoretical learning. Some facilities worth highlighting include:

  • Well-equipped engineering workshops with facilities like lathe machines, milling machines, foundry workshops etc. This enhances engineering students’ hands-on competencies.
  • Sophisticated lab equipment for disciplines like chemistry, biology, physics and other sciences. Examples are gas chromatographs, PCR machines, telescopes etc.
  • An advanced designing studio packed with technologies including computer-aided design (CAD) tools for architecture students.
  • A citizen television station for mass communication students to acquire practical broadcasting and journalism skills.
  • Demo trading floor mirroring real-life banking halls for banking and finance students. This also houses virtual learning tools like Bloomberg terminals.
  • A commercial printing press containing modern printing equipment/technologies for printing technology students.
  • Aquaculture farm with ponds and water systems for fisheries and aquaculture students’ practical learning.
  • A fully stocked modern library with over 50,000 volumes of books, dozens of professional journals along with e-resources, audiobooks and more. This fosters a strong reading culture and supports research.


In summary, Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH) stands tall as one of Nigeria’s most reputable specialized universities fostering technology education across diverse disciplines. Its extensive undergraduate and postgraduate offerings allow students tap into emerging fields with strong industry demand.

Coupled with state-of-the-art practical training facilities, the institution empowers learners with the balanced knowledge and competencies to create solutions for complex societal challenges. Within its couple decades of establishment, LASUSTECH has already produced graduates applying their expertise across manufacturing, food/agriculture, banking and finance, creative arts, urban infrastructure planning and various other industries in Nigeria and globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements into LASUSTECH programs?

  • For undergraduate degrees, you require a minimum of 5 credit passes including English, Mathematics and other relevant subjects in WAEC/NECO. JAMB UTME results are also considered in selecting students. More competitive programs may have higher cut-offs.
  • For postgraduate degrees, having a good first degree with a minimum 2:2 grade plus application letters and references may qualify you. Relevant work experience in the field of study boosts your chances. Competitive exams/interviews part of the process too.

Does LASUSTECH offer distance learning programs?

Yes, the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) under LASUSTECH offers

part-time programs through distance/online learning modalities. Available offerings are professional certifications, diplomas and certain specialized undergraduate degree programs. This allows working professionals/public service personnel to study while working.

To enjoy flexible e-learning, you require access to internet/computer plus strong self-discipline and time management skills. Examinations still require in-person attendance.

What scholarships are available at LASUSTECH?

The university offers a variety of scholarship programs that students can benefit from including:

  • Merit Awards – For high academic achievers, the institution offers fee discounts ranging from 25% to 100%. This motivates students to excel.
  • External body scholarships – Funding agencies like PTDF, NUGA, Shell Company etc. also sponsor brilliant and needy students.
  • Athletic scholarships – Students who excel representing the schools in sports like football, basketball etc. stand to win funding support for their academics.

What student activities can I engage in on campus?

Beyond academics, LASUSTECH fosters holistic growth through activities like:

  • Leadership programs to build soft skills like public speaking, teamwork, critical thinking etc.
  • Creative arts clubs allowing students outlet their talents via music, poetry, debate clubs etc.
  • Entrepreneurship programs to sharpen business acumen.
  • Volunteering initiatives where students give back to the community via activities like clean-ups, visits to orphanages etc.

So you get the chance to participate in activities matching personal interests.

I hope this gives you valuable insights into Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH). Reach out for any other queries!



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