Lagos State University of Education Courses Offered

An Overview of Courses at Lagos State University of Education

Lagos State University of Education (LASUED) is a public university located in Ijanikin, Lagos State, Nigeria. Established in 2009, LASUED evolved from the former Lagos State College of Primary Education and Lagos State College of Education.

The university currently has over 15,000 students pursuing programs across ten faculties.

Lagos State University of Education Courses Offered


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Lagos State University of Education Courses Offered

Sure, here’s the information presented in a tabular form:

FacultyDepartmentCourses Offered
Faculty of EducationEducational ManagementB.Ed Educational Management, M.Ed Educational Management, Ph.D Educational Management
Human Kinetic Sports and Health EducationB.Ed Physical and Health Education, B.Ed Human Kinetics, M.Ed Human Kinetics, Ph.D Human Kinetics
Language Arts and Social Science EducationB.A Ed English Language, B.A Ed French, B.A Ed History, B.A Ed Christian Religious Studies, B.A Ed Islamic Studies, M.Ed Curriculum Studies, M.Ed Educational Psychology, Ph.D Curriculum Studies, Ph.D Educational Psychology
Educational Foundation and Counselling PsychologyB.Sc Ed Guidance and Counselling, M.Ed Counselling Psychology, Ph.D Counselling Psychology
Science and Technology EducationB.Sc Ed Biology, B.Sc Ed Chemistry, B.Sc Ed Physics, B.Sc Ed Mathematics, B.Sc Ed Integrated Science, B.Sc Ed Computer Science, M.Ed Science Education, Ph.D Science Education
Faculty of ArtsEnglishB.A English Language, M.A English Language, Ph.D English Language
History and International StudiesB.A History, B.A International Studies, M.A History, M.A International Studies, Ph.D History, Ph.D International Studies
PhilosophyB.A Philosophy, M.A Philosophy, Ph.D Philosophy
Religious StudiesB.A Christian Religious Studies, B.A Islamic Studies, M.A Religious Studies, Ph.D Religious Studies
Yoruba StudiesB.A Yoruba Language, M.A Yoruba Language, Ph.D Yoruba Language
Faculty of ScienceBiological SciencesB.Sc Biology, B.Sc Microbiology, M.Sc Biology, M.Sc Microbiology, Ph.D Biology, Ph.D Microbiology
Chemical SciencesB.Sc Chemistry, B.Sc Industrial Chemistry, M.Sc Chemistry, M.Sc Industrial Chemistry, Ph.D Chemistry, Ph.D Industrial Chemistry
Mathematics and Computer ScienceB.Sc Computer Science, B.Sc Mathematics, M.Sc Computer Science, M.Sc Mathematics, Ph.D Computer Science, Ph.D Mathematics
PhysicsB.Sc Physics, M.Sc Physics, Ph.D Physics
Faculty of Social SciencesEconomicsB.Sc Economics, M.Sc Economics, Ph.D Economics
Geography and PlanningB.Sc Geography, M.Sc Geography, Ph.D Geography
Mass CommunicationB.Sc Mass Communication, M.Sc Mass Communication, Ph.D Mass Communication
Political ScienceB.Sc Political Science, M.Sc Political Science, Ph.D Political Science
SociologyB.Sc Sociology, M.Sc Sociology, Ph.D Sociology
College of Primary Education (CPE)NCE in Early Childhood Care and Education, NCE in Primary Education Studies, NCE in Physical and Health Education
School of Part-Time Degree ProgramsB.A (Ed) English Language, B.A (Ed) History, B.A (Ed) Christian Religious Studies, B.A (Ed) Islamic Studies
Other Faculties and DepartmentsB.L.L (Bachelor of Laws), B.Sc Accounting, B.Sc Business Administration, B.Sc Marketing, M.Sc Accounting, M.Sc Business Administration, M.Sc Marketing, Ph.D Accounting, Ph.D Business Administration, Ph.D Marketing, B.Sc. Ed. Agriculture Science, B.Sc. Ed. Home Economics, B.Sc. Ed. Secretarial Administration, B.Sc. Ed. Accounting
Other ProgramsPostgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Professional Diploma in Education (PDE), Sandwich Degree Programmes, Part-Time Degree Programmes
Lagos State University of Education Courses Offered

Please note that this table provides a summarized overview of the courses offered at Lagos State University of Education (LASUED) across different faculties and departments.

Faculty of Education

With over 4000 students, this is the largest faculty at LASUED. It offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees focused on education, teaching and educational administration across five departments.

Department of Educational Management

This department offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Educational Management. The curriculum covers educational planning and policy, school administration, human resources management, financial planning, school-community relations, education law and more. Graduates work as school administrators, college managers, education officers, project evaluators and policymakers.

Department of Human Kinetic, Sports and Health Education

The department provides training in sports science, physical education, health education and recreation studies. Undergraduate courses include anatomy, physiology, sports pedagogy, health promotion, recreation management, while postgraduate programs go deeper into exercise physiology, sports psychology, motor learning and curriculum design. Graduates find careers as PE teachers, fitness instructors, sports managers, athletic coaches and recreation officers.

Department of Language Arts and Social Science Education

This department focuses on training graduates to teach language arts and social science subjects in secondary schools. Undergraduate degrees offered are BA Education in English, French, History, Christian Religious Studies and Islamic Studies. At the postgraduate level, there are Master’s and PhD degrees in Curriculum Studies and Educational Psychology. Graduates work as high school teachers in their respective subjects.

Department of Educational Foundation and Counselling Psychology

The department offers Bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counselling, as well as Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Counselling Psychology. The curriculum covers counseling theories, ethics, psychometrics, child psychology, career counseling, special education needs assessment and counselling interventions. Graduates work as school counselors, career advisors, rehabilitation counselors and mental health professionals.

Department of Science and Technology Education

This department trains graduates to teach science and technology subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Integrated Science at the high school level. It offers Bachelor of Science in Education degrees in these subject areas as well as Master’s and PhD degrees in Science Education. Graduates are equipped to teach their specialized subjects in secondary schools.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts has over 3000 students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in humanities and liberal arts across five departments.

Department of English

The curriculum focuses on English language proficiency, linguistics, stylistics, literary theory and criticism. Courses cover morphology, syntax, phonology, semantics, pragmatics, prosody, discourse analysis, English literature, literary criticism and more. Graduates find careers in education, research, publishing, writing, editing, public relations and media.

Department of History and International Studies

Students take courses covering historiography, economic history, international relations, conflict resolution, research methods, African history, European history, foreign policy analysis and more. Graduates work as historians, policy analysts, researchers, diplomats, archivists and secondary school teachers.

Department of Philosophy

This program focuses on logic, ethics, metaphysics, epistemology and history of philosophical thought from ancient to modern periods. Students take courses in social and political philosophy, philosophy of science, existentialism, ethics, and philosophical literature. Graduates work as academics, researchers or pursue various roles in public service.

Department of Religious Studies

The curriculum covers comparative analysis of major world religions, philosophy of religion, ethics, doctrines and practices of Christianity and Islam, interfaith relations and more. Graduates find roles as religious teachers, researchers, gender and development experts, cultural relations officers and university lecturers.

Department of Yoruba Studies

Students take courses in Yoruba language structure, Yoruba literature, poetry, drama, prose, literary criticism, oral literature, and the culture and history of Yoruba people. Graduates work as Yoruba language experts, literary critics, cultural historians, lecturers, and secondary school teachers.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science has over 2000 students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in natural sciences across four departments.

Department of Biological Sciences

This department covers a wide spectrum of life science disciplines including general biology, botany, microbiology, parasitology, immunology, biotechnology, zoology, entomology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, ecology and more. Graduates pursue diverse careers in research, industry, consultancy, education and healthcare.

Department of Chemical Sciences

Students complete intensive theoretical and lab based training in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, industrial chemistry and nanoscience. Graduates work in manufacturing, oil and gas, pharma, food, health and safety, research and consulting sectors.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

This department offers degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. The mathematics curriculum covers calculus, algebra, number theory, geometry, mathematical modeling, and applied mathematics. The computer science program focuses on software engineering, programming, data structures, databases, operating systems, networks and information security. Graduates work in various technology, analytics, research, and teaching roles.

Department of Physics

Students take courses in classical mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, electronics, solid state physics, nuclear and particle physics, astrophysics, and general relativity. Graduates find roles in diverse sectors like technology, telecommunications, meteorology, research, academics, aviation, and engineering firms.

Faculty of Social Sciences

With over 3000 students, the Faculty of Social Sciences offers academic and professional training across social studies disciplines through its five departments.

Department of Economics

The curriculum provides strong foundations in microeconomics, macroeconomics, public finance, monetary economics, econometrics, mathematical modeling, international trade, and development economics. Graduates work as financial and economic analysts, consultants, researchers and advisors for government, banking and corporate sectors.

Department of Geography and Planning

Students take courses in land use planning, transportation geography, climatology, remote sensing, environmental management, hydrology, cartography, urbanization and more. Graduates find work in urban and regional planning, natural resource management, land administration, tourism planning, and environmental consultancies.

Department of Mass Communication

This program focuses on print, broadcast, online and digital media, covering subjects like news writing, photojournalism, public relations, TV and radio production, advertising, media law and ethics. Graduates build careers in journalism, public relations, advertising, broadcasting, corporate communications and digital marketing.

Department of Political Science

The curriculum covers political theory, public policy and administration, federalism and local government, international relations, African politics, research methods, governance and development. Graduates work in public service, governance institutions, policy think tanks, electoral bodies, international NGOs, and as university lecturers.

Department of Sociology

Students take courses in cultural anthropology, development sociology, gender studies, demography, social psychology, social issues, sociological theories, and research methods. Graduates work as community development experts, social researchers, gender consultants, non-profit program managers, and lecturers.

College of Primary Education

This college trains graduates to teach core subjects at the primary education level across its three departments.

Department of Early Childhood Care and Education

The curriculum focuses on child development, instructional methods and materials for early childhood education, classroom management, child psychology, and sociological foundations of education. Graduates teach pre-primary classes and kindergarten.

Department of Primary Education Studies

This department equips students with knowledge and instructional approaches to teach English, mathematics, social studies, science, arts and technology subjects in primary schools. Teaching practice is an integral component. Graduates teach various subjects in elementary classes.

Department of Physical and Health Education

The program provides training in physical education, school sports promotion, child growth and motor development, health education, recreation studies and sports management. Graduates organize sports, physical training and health programs in basic education schools.

School of Part-Time Degree Programmes

This school runs part-time undergraduate degree programs to enable working professionals pursue higher education. Courses are offered in evenings, weekends and semester breaks. Disciplines offered are:

  • BA (Education) in English Language
  • BA (Education) in History
  • BA (Education) in Christian Religious Studies
  • BA (Education) in Islamic Studies

Other Faculties

LASUED has other faculties offering specialized undergraduate and postgraduate programs:

  • Faculty of Law: Offers LLB degree leading to legal practice and higher degrees of LLM and PhD in diverse legal specializations.
  • Faculty of Management Sciences: Offers BSc, MSc and PhD degrees across Accounting, Business Administration and Marketing.
  • Faculty of Science Education: Offers BSc Education degrees to train high school teachers in Agriculture Science, Home Economics, Secretarial Administration and Accounting.

The university also runs professional diploma and certificate programs

in areas like education, law, accounting, public relations, and computer science.


Lagos State University of Education offers a diverse range of courses across ten faculties focused on education, humanities, sciences, social sciences, management and law. Undergraduate students can pursue over 50 degree programs while postgraduates can undertake specialized Master’s and PhD degrees in various disciplines.

With experienced faculty and modern infrastructure, LASUED provides quality education to equip students for excellence in their chosen fields. As a leading specialized university, LASUED continues to expand its academic offerings to fulfill higher education needs and support development in Lagos State and Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements for undergraduate programs at LASUED?

The minimum entry requirements are 5 credit passes in WAEC/NECO including English and Mathematics. Some faculties also specify credit passes in certain subjects relevant to the program.

What postgraduate programs are offered at LASUED?

LASUED offers a variety of Master’s and Doctoral degree programs including M.Ed, M.Sc, MBA, LLM, MPA and PhD degrees across diverse subject areas under each faculty.

Does LASUED have facilities for distance learning?

As of now, LASUED does not offer full distance learning programs. However it has facilities for e-learning and plans to expand distance education offerings in the future through dedicated centers.

What accommodation options are available for students?

LASUED provides hostel accommodation for about 30% of full-time students on campus. Others find private housing near campus facilitated through the school’s accredited agents.

What is the grading system at LASUED?

LASUED follows a 5-point grading scale from A (70-100%) to F (0-39%). Other grades awarded include P (Pass) and W (Withdrawn). GPA calculations determine students’ academic standing.

How can international students apply for admission?

International applicants can apply directly online and submit scanned copies of academic transcripts, passport, English proficiency scores, statement of purpose and application fees.

What sports and recreational facilities exist on campus?

LASUED has an outdoor sports complex, gymnasium, football field, tennis courts, basketball courts, Olympic-sized swimming pool and indoor game rooms for recreation. Various sports clubs and social events are also active on campus.

Does LASUED have any collaborations or exchange programs with foreign universities?

Yes, LASUED has linkage agreements with universities in US, Canada, UK, and Europe to facilitate student exchanges, faculty visits, collaborative research and credit transfers.

How can students access career counseling services?

The Student Affairs unit and departments provide advice on internships, mentoring programs and job opportunities. The SIWES (Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme) also facilitates industrial training placements.

What types of scholarships are available for students?

LASUED provides scholarships for academically outstanding students, sports scholarships, and financial aid to disadvantaged students. External scholarships from government, non-profits and corporations are also accessible through the university.


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