Nigerian Maritime University Okerenkoko, School Fees 2024/2025

A Comprehensive Breakdown of Nigerian Maritime University Fees for 2023/2024

The Nigerian Maritime University Okerenkoko, Delta State was established in 2017 to train skilled manpower for Nigeria’s maritime and marine transport industry. The university runs various undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs across 3 faculties.

As a prospective student, it is important to understand the applicable fee structure before seeking admission into the Maritime University. This detailed article outlines the key fees payable by students for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Nigerian Maritime University Okerenkoko, SCHOOL FEES


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The Maritime University is strategically located in the Niger Delta to equip students with the knowledge and technical expertise required in the shipping, marine sciences and maritime industry.

The school fees for the various programs cover charges for tuition, accommodation, registration, medical services and other associated costs incurred by students annually. A clear overview of these fees enables prospective students to adequately plan their finances. Read more here.

Nigerian Maritime University Okerenkoko, School Fees Summary

Tuition Fees
Faculty of Engineering: Marine Engineering, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Petroleum and Gas EngineeringN150,000
Faculty of Environmental Management: Geology, Fisheries, Pollution Control, Meteorology and Climate ChangeN150,000
Faculty of Maritime Management: Transport, Logistics, Shipping Management, Maritime Law, Insurance and EconomicsN150,000
Accommodation Fees
New Students (per session)N60,000
Returning Students (annually)N40,000
Private Room Surcharge+N20,000
Additional Fees
Acceptance Fee (one-time payment)N5,000
Medical FeeN25,000
Transportation FeeN10,000
Portal Access FeeN10,000
Other Optional ChargesVaries
Nigerian Maritime University Okerenkoko, School Fees

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee at the Maritime University is structured into faculties as follows:

Faculty of Engineering

  • Students in the Faculty of Engineering pay tuition fees of N150,000 per session.
  • The Faculty offers courses like Marine Engineering, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering among others.

Faculty of Environmental Management

  • Students in the Faculty of Environmental Management also pay N150,000 tuition fees every session.
  • Programmes here include Geology, Fisheries, Pollution Control, Meteorology and Climate Change.

Faculty of Maritime Management

  • For students in the Faculty of Maritime Management, the tuition fee is equally N150,000 per session.
  • Key courses under this faculty include Transport, Logistics, Shipping Management, Maritime Law, Insurance and Economics.

Accommodation Fees

The Maritime University provides accommodation for students in hostels within the campus. The associated fees are:

  • N60,000 for new students per session
  • N40,000 for returning students annually
  • Students interested in private rooms pay N20,000 more on the standard fee.

Additional Fees

Apart from tuition and accommodation, Maritime University students are also required to pay the following annual fees:

  • Acceptance Fee: N5,000 (one-time payment)
  • Medical Fee: N25,000
  • Transportation Fee: N10,000
  • Portal Access Fee: N10,000

In addition, each programme may have other optional charges for field trips, use of laboratories, dissertation and special equipment.

Payment Methods

Students can pay their fees via two main options:

  • Online Payment: Through the University portal using ATM cards or web payment platforms
  • Bank Payment: Over the counter at designated bank branches

Proof of payment must be uploaded to the portal to confirm receipt.

Payment Deadlines

  • The acceptance fee deadline for fresh students was 12th January 2024.
  • School fees are due for payment latest by second week of every new semester.
  • Graduating students must clear fees by April 2024.


The Maritime University is positioned to equip students with industry-relevant education in a specialized niche field of maritime studies. With proper financial planning, the highlighted fees are quite affordable compared to other tertiary institutions. We advise all prospective students to visit the university website for latest information before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Maritime University charge the same fees for all programs?

Yes, the tuition fee is N150,000 per session for all 3 faculties. Only accommodation charges vary slightly.

When should first year students make payment?

First year students pay acceptance fee by mid-January and tuition fees by second week of first semester.

Are there other costs apart from fees outlined above?

Yes, students will incur other costs on books, stationery, research, field trips, projects etc. depending on program.

Can students pay school fees in installments?

No, the Maritime University fees are not paid in installments. Students must make full payment as required.

Which students pay the least hostel fees?

Returning students pay the least accommodation fees of N40,000 compared to new students who pay N60,000.

Does Maritime University offer scholarships?

Yes, the university offers merit-based scholarships to deserving students with excellent academic performance.

What are the acceptable payment methods?

Students can pay using the university portal, bank transfer, bank deposit or directly at the university accounts office.

When is the deadline for fee payment each semester?

Fees are due for payment latest by the second week of every new semester.

In summary, with proper financial planning, students can comfortably afford the Maritime University fees which offer immense value.


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