Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna School Fees 2024/25

An In-Depth Breakdown of Fees at the Nigerian Defence Academy

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna is the foremost military academy in Nigeria that trains officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Admission into the NDA is highly competitive with thousands of applicants vying for limited slots every year.

An important advantage for admitted cadets is that the NDA does not charge any tuition fees. However, cadets pay other administrative fees during their training.

Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna SCHOOL FEES


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The NDA was established in 1964 to train officer cadets for the Army, Navy and Airforce. The institution runs a 5-year military training regiment leading to the award of a first degree in core military subjects.

Upon successful completion, cadets get commissioned as officers into the Armed Forces. While tuition is fully sponsored, admitted cadets are required to pay certain fees during their stay at the academy. Red more here.

Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna SCHOOL FEES Summary

Expense CategoryDescriptionCost (Naira)
Acceptance FeeOne-time fee to confirm acceptance of admission offer into the academy.30,000
Accommodation ChargesFees for housing within the academy; varies based on room type.20,000 – 50,000 per year
Medical Services FeeFee for access to medical care services at the NDA Medical Center.10,000 per session
Procurement of Cadet UniformsCost incurred by cadets to acquire the complete kit of NDA uniforms and accessories.100,000 – 150,000
Examination FeeStandard fee payable for each scheduled exam taken by a cadet.5,000 per exam
Books, Equipment, ConsumablesCost for mandatory reading materials, field equipment, and other supplies required for training.20,000 – 50,000 per year
Feeding ChargesMonthly fee towards subsidized meals at the NDA cafeteria.2,500 per month
Camp FeesExpenses incurred during periodic camp training, including transportation, special kits, and food.20,000 – 30,000 per camp
Graduation and Clearance FeesFees for graduation-related expenses such as gowns, refreshments, and certificates. Clearance fees may also apply.75,000 (graduation), varies (clearance)
Sundry ExpensesMiscellaneous expenses including toiletries, cleaning items, and personal upkeep.5,000 per month
Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna SCHOOL FEES

Acceptance Fee

On admission into the NDA, all cadets are required to pay a one-time acceptance fee of N30,000. This non-refundable charge confirms acceptance of the offer into the academy. It must be paid before the new intake can proceed with registration and commence training.

Accommodation Charges

The NDA provides accommodation for all cadets within the academy for the duration of their studies. However, cadets are expected to pay accommodation fees based on the type of housing allocated.

Lower fees apply for cadets in shared rooms while those in single rooms attract slightly higher charges. On average, accommodation fees range from N20,000 to N50,000 per cadet annually.

Medical Services Fee

To access medical care services at the NDA Medical Center, cadets are required to pay a medical services fee of N10,000 per academic session. This caters for consultations, medications, treatments and other healthcare services.

Procurement of Cadet Uniforms

Admitted cadets have to personally procure their complete kit of NDA uniforms and accessories according to set specifications. On average, cadets spend between N100,000 to N150,000 to acquire the standard uniforms and paraphernalia.

Examination Fee

Cadets sit multiple exams every academic session. A standard examination fee of N5,000 is payable for every scheduled exam taken by a cadet.

Books, Equipments and Consumables

Cadets must procure all mandatory reading materials like books, manuals, journals and periodicals needed for their courses. Additional costs are also incurred on field equipments, consumables and other supplies necessary for practical military training. These range from N20,000 – N50,000 annually.

Feeding Charges

Highly subsidized meals are provided at the NDA cafeteria. However, cadets are required to pay a feeding fee of about N2,500 per month towards catering services. This amounts to N30,000 per year for the feeding fee.

Camp Fees

Periodic camp training away from the academy forms an integral part of standard cadet training. Cadets must pay for transportation, special kits, food and other incidentals during such camps at an estimated fee of N20,000 – N30,000 depending on location and duration.

Graduation and Clearance Fees

Final year cadets must pay a graduation fee of about N75,000 to cover gowns, refreshments, honorarium, certificates and other necessities on graduation day. Clearance fees may also apply when exiting the academy.

Sundry Expenses

Cadets will require money for toiletries, cleaning items, club activities, religious obligations and other personal upkeep while on campus. These sundry expenses can cost about N5,000 monthly or N60,000 yearly.


In conclusion, the NDA provides tuition-free world class military training to outstanding young Nigerians. Although cadets do not pay tuition fees, they should be prepared to spend an average of N150,000 to N200,000 annually on the fees and charges highlighted above. With adequate financial planning, the fees are generally affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the NDA charge any tuition fees?

No. The NDA does not charge tuition fees. The cost of training is fully borne by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

What is the most expensive fee for cadets at NDA?

The one-time acceptance fee of N30,000 payable on admission is the most expensive individual fee for cadets.

When are cadet fees expected to be paid?

Most NDA fees are paid at the beginning of each academic session or as required for specific services.

Can the acceptance fee be exempted or deferred?

No. All admitted cadets must pay the non-refundable acceptance fee of N30,000 before registration.

Do fees charged change frequently?

Fees are generally stable. However, nominal increments may apply annually to align with economic realities.

Can fees be paid in installments?

Unfortunately, the NDA fees have to be paid in full as and when due. Installment payments are not available.

Are there other costs apart from the outlined fees?

Yes. Cadets need money for leisure, personal supplies and other incidental expenses during their course of study.

In summary, while cadets enjoy tuition-free education, they must adequately budget for the associated fees and costs. Proper financial planning enables cadets to comfortably finance their training.


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