Nigerian University of Technology and Management, Apapa Courses Offered

Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM) in Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria, is paving the way for future leaders through its unique postgraduate offering, the NUTM Scholars Program (NSP).

It was Established in 2020 and accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria, NUTM is swiftly making a name for itself by focusing on Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design (TED).

Let’s explore this remarkable program that’s preparing diverse young leaders to be change agents for Africa and beyond.

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Nigerian University of Technology and Management, Apapa Courses Offered

Empowering Change Agents

NUTM’s mission is clear: to “develop innovative leaders in technology and management to create impact in Africa and the world.” The university aspires to be “ranked among the top 50 global institutions focused on technology and management by the year 2030.” This vision underscores its commitment to excellence and global relevance.

The NUTM Scholars Program (NSP)

NUTM offers a distinctive postgraduate program, the NUTM Scholars Program (NSP).

This one-year, full-time interdisciplinary program focuses on Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design (TED).

It is designed to groom exceptional young leaders from diverse backgrounds across Africa, equipping them to be catalysts for change in the region and beyond.

The NSP curriculum is a rich tapestry of subjects, including:

  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication

This comprehensive blend ensures that students emerge not only well-versed in their respective fields but also as versatile individuals prepared for the complexities of the modern world.

A Rewarding Journey

While the NSP is rigorous, it is equally rewarding.

Graduates of the program are poised for successful careers in technology, entrepreneurship, and management.

They leave with a profound understanding of how to effect meaningful change in the world.

A Reputation for Excellence

NUTM may be relatively new, but it has swiftly earned a reputation for excellence.

The university’s commitment to providing students with a top-tier education that prepares them for success in the global economy is evident in its dedication to innovation and the nurturing of visionary leaders.

List Of Courses Offered

The NSP is a one year, full-time interdisciplinary program that looks into an array of critical subjects, including:

  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
TechnologyMaster the latest technological advancements, from coding to data analytics, to thrive in a tech-driven world.
EntrepreneurshipDevelop entrepreneurial skills, including business strategies and market dynamics, to launch innovative ventures.
DesignExplore design thinking in various fields, focusing on creative solutions and user-centric approaches.
ManagementGain a comprehensive understanding of management principles, strategies, and techniques for organizational success.
LeadershipCultivate effective leadership qualities, emphasizing communication, decision-making, and team motivation.
Critical ThinkingHone critical thinking abilities for analyzing complex issues and approaching problems strategically.
CommunicationEnhance communication skills, enabling effective expression, collaboration, and connection with diverse audiences.
Nigerian University of Technology and Management, Apapa Courses Offered


In the digital age, technology is at the forefront of innovation and progress.

NSP ensures that students are well-versed in the latest technological advancements, preparing them to harness the power of technology for solving real-world challenges.

From coding to data analytics, students gain the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world.


Entrepreneurship is the backbone of innovation and economic growth.

NSP fosters a spirit of entrepreneurship by equipping students with the tools and knowledge to develop and launch their ventures.

They learn about business strategies, market dynamics, and the art of turning an idea into a successful enterprise.


Design thinking is a fundamental aspect of problem-solving and innovation.

NSP emphasizes the importance of design in various fields, allowing students to explore creative solutions and user-centric approaches.

Whether it’s product design, user experience, or architectural aesthetics, design is at the heart of their educational journey.


Effective management is crucial for organizational success.

NSP provides a comprehensive understanding of management principles, strategies, and techniques.

Students learn how to lead teams, make informed decisions, and optimize resources to achieve both individual and organizational objectives.


Leadership is not just about holding a position; it’s about inspiring and guiding others toward a shared vision.

NSP instills the qualities of effective leadership, focusing on communication, decision-making, and motivating teams to achieve greatness.

Critical Thinking

In a world brimming with information, critical thinking is a priceless skill.

NSP hones students’ critical thinking abilities, enabling them to analyze complex issues, make informed judgments, and approach problems with a strategic mindset.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in any field.

NSP places a strong emphasis on honing communication skills, ensuring that students can articulate their ideas, collaborate effectively, and connect with diverse audiences.

Benefits of Studying at NUTM:

  1. High-Quality Education: NUTM’s faculty comprises seasoned and qualified professionals devoted to students’ success.
  2. Interdisciplinary Program: The NSP is a multidisciplinary program, exposing students to a wide array of subjects, ensuring they become well-rounded individuals equipped for the challenges of today’s world.
  3. Global Perspective: NUTM’s diverse faculty and student body represent a global tapestry. This international perspective enriches students’ educational experiences and broadens their horizons.
  4. Strong Focus on Innovation: NUTM is unwavering in its commitment to fostering innovation. The NSP is meticulously designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to become innovators in their chosen fields.

Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: You must hold a recognized bachelor’s degree in any field to be eligible for the NUTM Scholars Program.
  2. Age Limit: Applicants should not be older than 35 years at the time of application.
  3. Work Experience: While relevant work experience is not mandatory, applicants with such experience are encouraged to apply.

Additional Documents Required:

In addition to the above requirements, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • A completed online application form.
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and postgraduate institutions attended.
  • Three letters of recommendation from former professors, employers, or other professionals.
  • A personal statement elucidating your interest in the NUTM Scholars Program, academic goals, and why NUTM is the ideal place to realize them.
  • A GMAT or GRE score (optional).

A Competitive Selection Process:

The admission process for the NUTM Scholars Program is fiercely competitive. Selection is based on several factors, including:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Work Experience (if applicable)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement

Tips for Success:

To boost your chances of being admitted, consider the following tips:

  1. Meet All Requirements: Ensure that you meet all the admission prerequisites.
  2. Craft a Compelling Personal Statement: Your personal statement is your canvas to express why the NUTM Scholars Program is your chosen path. Detail your academic ambitions and explain why NUTM is the best platform for their realization.
  3. Excel Academically: Strong undergraduate grades can make your application stand out, so strive for excellence in your studies.
  4. Participate in Extracurricular Activities: Engagement in extracurricular activities showcases your well-rounded nature and passion beyond academics, which can make a positive impression.
  5. Secure Strong Letters of Recommendation: Reach out to professors, employers, or professionals who know you well. Provide them ample time to craft meaningful letters on your behalf.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

If you are intrigued by the NUTM Scholars Program and meet the criteria, visit the NUTM website for comprehensive information on the application process.

Remember, this program is not just about education; it’s an opportunity to shape your future and impact the world positively.

Your journey to unlocking your potential starts here.


In conclusion, If you’re considering applying to the NUTM Scholars Program, venture to the NUTM website for additional details.

With devoted faculty, an interdisciplinary approach, a global perspective, and a focus on innovation, NUTM offers a compelling choice for individuals eager to make a positive impact in their careers and the world.

The NSP Postgraduate Journey is distinct in its commitment to cultivating well-rounded, agile, and innovative scholars.

By looking into these critical subjects, students not only gain a broad and dynamic knowledge base but also develop the skills and mindset needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. This one-year, full-time program is a transformative experience that prepares scholars to take on the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century with confidence and vision.

Your transformative journey to becoming an innovative leader starts here.

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