UNIPORT School Fees Structure for 2024/2025

Detailed Breakdown of UNIPORT School Fees Structure for 2024/2025

The University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) is one of Nigeria’s foremost universities renowned for excellence in both research and teaching. As the admission process opens for next 2024/2025 academic year, both newly admitted and returning UNIPORT students need reliable insights on applicable fees to accurately plan budgets.

This comprehensive article analyzes the recently published UNIPORT school fees structure across programs and student categories along with associated academic costs and payment processes.READ MORE HERE.

UNIPORT School Fees Structure for 2024/2025


UNIPORT Departmental Cut Off Mark For All Courses 

UNIPORT Portal: Admission | Student | Screening

How To Calculate UNIPORT Aggregate Score

University of Delta School Fees

Admission StatusTuition Fees (per session)Additional Costs
Newly Admitted Students
Sciences & Engineering: ₦127,150Acceptance Fee: One-time ₦5,000 (freshers only)
Management Sciences: ₦124,150Medical Fees: ₦5,000 per session
Humanities & Social Sciences: ₦92,150Students’ Union: ₦2,500 yearly
ICT Charge: ₦5,000 (Sciences) / ₦5,500 (Non-Sciences)
Library Fees: ₦15,000 per annum
Laboratory Fees: ₦30,000 (Sciences) / ₦10,000 (Non-Sciences)
Utility Fees: ₦20,000 annual
Accreditation: ₦24,000 per session
Sanitation Charges: ₦7,000 yearly
Portal Charges: ₦5,500 per session
Dev. Levy: ₦20,000 every year
SIWES Fee: Varies
Returning Undergraduate Students
Unified Rate: ₦45,340Medical Fees: ₦5,000 per session
Students’ Union: ₦2,500 yearly
ICT Charge: ₦5,000 (Sciences) / ₦5,500 (Non-Sciences)
Library Fees: ₦15,000 per annum
Laboratory Fees: ₦30,000 (Sciences) / ₦10,000 (Non-Sciences)
Utility Fees: ₦20,000 annual
Accreditation: ₦24,000 per session
Sanitation Charges: ₦7,000 yearly
Portal Charges: ₦5,500 per session
Dev. Levy: ₦20,000 every year
SIWES Fee: Varies
UNIPORT School Fees

Note: Amounts listed are subject to change and should be verified with UNIPORT authorities.

UNIPORT Tuition Fees Basis Admission Status

UNIPORT undergraduate school fees payable for 2024/2025 session vary primarily depending on your admission status:

Newly Admitted Students

If you are freshly admitted into UNIPORT through JAMB, inter-university transfers or direct entry mode, you are classified as a “new student”.

For new students, tuition fees range across faculties:

  • Sciences & Engineering Programs – ₦127,150 per session
  • Management Sciences – ₦124,150 per annum
  • Humanities & Social Sciences – ₦92,150 yearly

So those admitted into Science/Engineering degrees pay higher fees compared to other disciplines. Check fee schedule portal to confirm your department’s rates.

Returning Undergraduate Students

If you are an existing UNIPORT student progressing into second, third, fourth or fifth year of your undergraduate program, you are categorized as a “returning student”.

  • For all returning students, tuition fees payable is unified at ₦45,340 per session

So compared to freshers, UNIPORT school fees reduce drastically from sophomore year onwards across disciplines for continuing students.

Do note that these tuition amounts are provisional – final rates applicable for federal universities get confirmed by FGN ahead of next admission cycle.

Additional Administrative & Academic Costs

Along with tuition fees, some supplementary UNIPORT charges need to be budgeted for by both new & old students:

Acceptance Fee – One-time ₦5,000 (freshers only)

Medical Fees – ₦5,000 per session

Students’ Union – ₦2,500 yearly

ICT Charge – ₦5,000 (Sciences) / ₦5,500 (Non-Sciences)

Library Fees – ₦15,000 per annum

Laboratory Fees – ₦30,000 (Sciences) / ₦10,000 (Non-Sciences)

Utility Fees – ₦20,000 annual

Accreditation – ₦24,000 per session

Sanitation Charges – ₦7,000 yearly

Portal Charges – ₦5,500 per session

Dev. Levy – ₦20,000 every year

SIWES Fee – For industrial placements; amount varies

These additional costs are over and above base tuition fees payable each year. New students should also account for one-time ₦10,000 matriculation formalities charges.

Carefully cross-verify all charges directly from your assigned faculty at UNIPORT before making payments.

Acceptance Fees Payment

On receiving UNIPORT admission offer, new students need to pay ₦5,000 acceptance fee within 2 weeks along with signed admission acceptance form to confirm their provisional admission.

Further, students need to buffer for recurring costs like:

Books & Study Materials – Budget average of ₦15,000 to ₦20,000 per session for prescribed textbooks, accessories etc.

Food & Accommodation – New students should consider both on-campus hostels and affordable apartments/hostels in nearby private premises as suitable options.

Transportation – Fuel expenses for commute to campus from accommodation.

Miscellaneous Expenses – Budget for other academic costs like project printing, stationery, first aid etc. depending on course necessities.

So accurately factoring regular non-tuition expenses right from first year itself along with UNIPORT school fees is vital for financial planning.

UNIPORT School Fees Payment Procedure

The process for paying UNIPORT school fees involves:

i. Verify Applicable Fees

First connect with your assigned faculty at UNIPORT for personalized advisory on current payable fees under various components.

ii. Get Breakup & Invoice

Next, use UNIPORT payment portal to log in and generate invoice for applicable tuition fees and other charges.

iii. Make Payment Before Deadline

Visit bank branch associated with UNIPORT and pay full invoiced amount within stipulated payment deadline dates.

iv. Upload Bank Teller

Log in to portal again and upload bank deposit slip as proof of fee payment. Take printout of transaction receipt for future references.

New & returning students must follow this consistent process to settle UNIPORT fees every year.

UNIPORT School Fees Payment Deadline

  • Newly admitted candidates need to pay acceptance fee within 2 weeks of admission offer to confirm provisional allotment.
  • Full fees for existing students should be cleared before commencement of first semester examinations for each new academic session without fail. Late payments usually attract penal charges.

So ensure your UNIPORT school fees are fully settled well on time every year to avoid registration or exam issues.

Financial Aid Options Available

For students facing money constraints, UNIPORT offers following options that can fund partial or full tuition expenses:

Sports Scholarships

Under UNIPORT’s Sporting Excellence Scholarship scheme, gifted undergraduate athletes can obtain fee waivers covering 25% to full 100% of their payable school fees based on sporting achievements.

Students’ Work-Study

Those in financial need can work part-time within campus during academic session and earn money that directly makes contribution towards their tuition and other academic costs.

External Education Loans

Banks and financial companies offer higher education loans to students at attractive terms to fund their degree costs.

Evaluate feasible options if requiring assistance for funding UNIPORT academic expenses.

So in summary, UNIPORT strives to maintain affordable subsidized education for every deserving undergraduate. Just proactively account for tuition fees and regular academic living costs during budgeting to prevent monetary roadblocks later.

Let us know if any other UNIPORT school fee queries.

FAQs on UNIPORT 2024/2025 School Fees

Here are answers to some additional commonly asked questions:

Does UNIPORT allow installment payment for school fees?

No, as per norms full fees has to be cleared in entirety within notified last dates for each session. Installments facility currently not available.

Which departments attract highest overall charges?

Faculties under Engineering and Natural & Applied Sciences categories have highest tuition and other costs driven by lab equipment requirements.

Is hostel guaranteed for new students at UNIPORT?

Due to rising strength, allotment of on-campus hostel room may have waiting periods. New students must evaluate reliable off-campus housing options nearby as well.

Can poor students get 100% fees waiver?

Full fees exemption is very rare. But strongly deserving candidates facing extreme constraints can get discounted fees based on submission of financial condition proof and individual case review.

Please connect with us for further clarification or updates on UNIPORT school fees queries.


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