UNN School Fees 2024/2025

Detailed Overview of UNN School Fees Structure for 2024 Academic Session

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is a leading federal university renowned for academic excellence and quality education. As UNN admission processes pick up for the 2024 academic calendar, both fresh students and returning UNN undergraduates need reliable insights into the latest applicable fees to plan budgets effectively.

This comprehensive article provides in-depth analysis of the recently announced UNN school fees structure across different programs and student categories.

We analyze the fee payment procedures, available flexible options as well available financial aid programs that students facing constraints can leverage. read more here.

UNN School Fees


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UNN School Fees Summary

Focus KeyPhraseUNN School Fees for Science-Based Programs
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UNN School Fees for Arts & Humanities Programs
New Students₦71,700
Returning Students₦69,200
Additional Administrative & Academic Fees
Acceptance Fees₦10,000 (one-time)
Medical Fees₦5,000 per session
Sports Fees₦1,000 per year
Student Union Dues₦2,000 per annum
Faculty DuesVariable
Departmental DuesDiffers across departments and specializations
ID Card₦2,000 first year; ₦500 for annual renewals
Development Levy₦10,000 per session
ICT Levy₦5,000 yearly
Library Fees₦5,000 per annum
Alumni FeeFinal year students pay ₦2,000
Examination Fees₦5,000 yearly for exam registration
UNN Postgraduate School Fees Benchmarks
Postgraduate Diploma Programs₦95,000 to ₦100,000
Master’s Degree Programs₦150,000 to ₦300,000
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programs₦200,000 to ₦350,000
Additional Costs to Budget For
Books & Study MaterialsExpect ₦15,000+ yearly costs for prescribed textbooks, manuals, software etc.
Food & Daily NeedsKeep buffer for expenses like food, transport, toiletries, medical etc. depending on lifestyle
Hostel vs Private AccommodationWeigh annual charges for UNN hostel (₦12k-₦20k) against budgets for private rented apartments near campus
UNN School Fees

Breakdown of UNN School Fees Basis Program Type

UNN school fees for the 2024 academic year vary primarily based on your undergraduate course categorization – Arts & Humanities programs or Science & Engineering programs.

UNN School Fees for Science-Based Programs

For popular undergraduate programs under Science and Engineering faculties like:

  • Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing
  • Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry
  • Computer Science, Statistics
  • Engineering disciplines

The UNN school fees per session is structured as:

  • New Students – ₦77,200
  • Returning Students – ₦73,700

So for new science students, first year tuition fees is slightly higher than subsequent continuing years for those in 200 – 500 level brackets.

UNN School Fees for Arts & Humanities Programs

For programs under Arts, Law, Social Sciences and Management Sciences faculties such as:

  • Economics, Political Science, Mass Communication
  • English Language, Linguistics, Languages
  • Business Administration, Accounting
  • Law


  • New Students – ₦71,700
  • Returning Students – ₦69,200

Here the differential between first-timers and existing students is smaller compared to programs under science and engineering disciplines.

These base amounts are subject to slight changes once federal government formally confirms exact fee rates applicable across federal universities for next admission cycle.

Additional Administrative & Academic Fees

Along with tuition fees, some supplementary charges need to be accounted for by both new and returning students:

Acceptance Fees – ₦10,000 (one-time, paid only by newly admitted candidates)

Medical Fees – ₦5,000 per session

Sports Fees – ₦1,000 charged each year

Student Union Dues – ₦2,000 per annum

Faculty Dues – Variable, depends on your assigned faculty

Departmental Dues – Differs across departments and specializations

ID Card – ₦2,000 first year; ₦500 for annual renewals

Development Levy – ₦10,000 per session

ICT Levy – ₦5,000 yearly

Library Fees – ₦5,000 per annum

Alumni Fee – Final year students pay ₦2,000

Examination Fees – ₦5,000 yearly for exam registration

While some additional charges are fixed, faculty and departmental dues differ – so connect with allocated departments for clarity after admission before making payments.

Acceptance Fees Payment

On receiving UNN admission offer letter, newly selected candidates need to pay one-time ₦10,000 acceptance fee within 2 weeks along with duly signed admission acceptance form using the UNN Portal.

This confirms your admission offer with allotted undergraduate program at UNN.

UNN Postgraduate School Fees Benchmarks

For the benefit of prospective students, indicative UNN postgraduate fees range between:

  • Postgraduate Diploma Programs – ₦95,000 to ₦100,000
  • Master’s Degree Programs – ₦150,000 to ₦300,000
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programs – ₦200,000 to ₦350,000

But final amounts payable is dependent on specific departments and disciplines. Reconfirm accurate charges directly from faculties once application is accepted.

Additional Costs to Budget For

When planning budgets, students should account for some additional costs:

  • Books & Study Materials – Expect ₦15,000+ yearly costs for prescribed textbooks, manuals, software etc.
  • Food & Daily Needs – Keep buffer for expenses like food, transport, toiletries, medical etc. depending on lifestyle
  • Hostel vs Private Accommodation – Weigh annual charges for UNN hostel (₦12k-₦20k) against budgets for private rented apartments near campus

So accurately factoring regular non-academic living expenses from first year itself is vital supplementing direct UNN school fees outlays. Under-budgeting can cause unexpected financial pains later.

UNN School Fees Payment Procedure

The key steps involved in paying UNN school fees are:

i. Verify Applicable Fees

First connect with your assigned faculty and department at UNN for a personalized advisory on payable fees under various components.

ii. Request for Official Invoice

Next, approach the UNN Bursary department with prerequisite documents to generate an official invoice indicating fee breakdown.

iii. Make Payment at Approved Bank

Carry the invoice along with copies of admission letters to any designated bank permitted by UNN to deposit entire payable amount within deadline.

iv. Submit Bank Receipts

Submit multiple bank payment slips at the UNN fees portal or physically to the Bursary for their records, and request an official UNN receipt for future reference.

Following this systematic fee payment procedure is vital for new and returning students each year.

UNN School Fees Payment Deadline

  • Newly admitted students need to complete acceptance fee payment within 2 weeks of offer letter for seat confirmation.
  • For existing students, full tuition fees should be paid before commencement of first semester examinations every academic year without fail. Late payments typically attract surcharges.

So ensure your UNN school fees are settled as per official deadlines to avoid registration or exam issues later.

Financial Support Options Available

For students facing money constraints, UNN offers following options:

Work-Study Program

Students can work part-time within campus to earn stipend that goes towards paying their tuition fees.

Sports Scholarships

Talented sports persons at state or national level can apply for up to 50% fee waivers subject to terms.

External Education Loans

Banks and financial institutions offer education loans with flexible repayment plans for students in need of funding.

Evaluate suitable options if you require financial assistance to take care of UNN school fees obligations.

So in summary, UNN strives to provide affordable subsidized education to deserving candidates. Just ensure you analyze the broad costs involved beyond tuition fees, and leverage any financial aid programs accessible to fund your university learning without hiccups!

Let us know if any other UNN school fee queries.

FAQs on UNN School Fees Structure

Here are some additional commonly asked questions:

Can I pay UNN school fees via installments?

No, as per existing norms – entire fee has to be fully paid upfront within declaration deadlines for each academic year. Installment facility is currently not permitted.

Which faculties have the highest tuition fees?

Faculties related to Sciences, Engineering and Medicine have comparatively higher overall charges due to specialized labs, equipment and consumable costs.

Is hostel guaranteed for all new UNN students?

Due to rising student strength and capacity limitations, hostel room allotment is based on availability. New students should also evaluate reliable and affordable private hostel options nearby.

Can poor students get full school fee waivers?

100% waiver is unlikely – but strongly deserving candidates facing extreme financial adversities can get discounted fees based on case-by-case review of supporting documents.


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