Topfaith University School Fees

Welcome to the world of learning, innovation, and boundless growth that is Topfaith University.

With a legacy of excellence, we stand committed to providing quality education that molds future leaders.

Let’s delve into the intricate details of the school fees for the upcoming academic session, a glimpse into the opportunities that await you.

Topfaith University School Fees


Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Mkpatak, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, Topfaith University stands tall as a premier private institution, radiating the essence of quality education.

Established in the year 2021 and endorsed by the esteemed National Universities Commission (NUC), our university reverberates with the purpose of molding the minds that will lead tomorrow’s world.

Diverse Undergraduate Pathways:

Topfaith University boasts a wide spectrum of undergraduate programs, carefully curated to cater to diverse fields of interest and expertise:

School of Science & Information Technology (SSIT): Aspiring tech leaders find their home here, empowered to innovate and lead. The tuition fee for this transformative journey is N650,000.

School of Arts, Management & Social Science (SAMSS): Versatility is nurtured within these walls, as talents are groomed to excel in a range of fields. The tuition fee for this holistic education is N650,000.

School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS): The foundation of medical expertise is laid here, nurturing the healthcare professionals of tomorrow. The tuition fee for this noble path is N850,000.

School of Law (SL): Legal luminaries are sculpted within these halls, armed with knowledge and integrity. The tuition fee for this journey towards legal excellence is N850,000.

School of Post Graduate Studies (SPGS): For those seeking advanced learning and specialization, this school opens doors to elevated expertise. The tuition fee for this pathway to mastery is N778,000.

Supplementary Fees: Crafting a Wholesome Journey

Topfaith University’s commitment to a holistic academic experience extends beyond the classroom. Here, education transcends boundaries, and to ensure an enriching voyage, we present the associated supplementary fees:

Acceptance Fee: N50,000 – Embark on your academic journey with a symbolic fee that marks the beginning of your transformative experience.

Registration Fee: N30,000 – Your dedication to academic excellence is cemented with this fee, a declaration of your commitment.

Examination Fee: N20,000 – The journey of knowledge includes evaluations, and this fee ensures a fair and comprehensive examination process.

Hostel Fee: N1,020,000/session – More than just accommodation, this fee encompasses a haven of services and facilities that foster your well-being and comfort.

Medical Fee: N10,000 – Your health is our priority, and this fee ensures access to round-the-clock medical services.

Library Fee: N10,000 – A world of knowledge awaits within our library, and this fee grants you unlimited access to its treasures.

Sports Fee: N7,500 – Physical vitality is a crucial part of holistic growth, and this fee facilitates your engagement in various sports and recreational activities.

ID Card Fee: N2,000 – Your identity within the Topfaith community is encapsulated in this card, providing access to facilities and events.

Matriculation Fee: N5,000 – A rite of passage, this fee covers the official induction into the vibrant Topfaith University family.

An Investment in Excellence: Forging a Future

While the figures provided offer a snapshot of the upcoming academic session, it’s essential to note that university policies may lead to changes in these fees.

For the most up-to-date information, always refer to the official university website.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow:

Topfaith University isn’t just an institution; it’s a testament to quality education, empowerment, and growth.

As you step onto this academic path, we encourage you to explore the limitless possibilities within our vibrant campus.

A Spectrum of Educational Pathways:

Within the halls of Topfaith University, a multitude of academic avenues beckon, each designed to cater to the diverse tapestry of interests and aspirations that our students carry:

Business Administration: In this realm, we cultivate the seeds of future business leaders, nurturing skills that will drive enterprises to success.

Computer Science: Our focus here is on nurturing tech-savvy minds that will ride the digital wave, pioneering innovation in technology.

Engineering: This domain is dedicated to fostering innovative solutions through the minds of aspiring engineers, preparing them to tackle real-world challenges.

Law: Within these walls, the legal professionals of tomorrow are crafted, equipped with knowledge and integrity to uphold justice.

Medicine and Surgery: We embark on the journey of pioneering healthcare excellence, nurturing future medical practitioners who will heal and care for generations to come.

Nursing: This school empowers compassionate caregivers, arming them with the skills to provide unwavering care and support.

Pharmacy: Here, expertise in pharmaceutical sciences is meticulously built, forming the foundation for the future of healthcare.

Science: We venture into the realms of scientific discovery, encouraging minds to explore, question, and uncover the mysteries of the universe.

A Covenant of Excellence

As you step onto our campus, you’ll find a haven of modern amenities awaiting you—a repository of knowledge in the form of a library, the gateway to the digital world in our computer center, spaces to nurture physical well-being in our sports complex, and a cozy hostel that welcomes you to a vibrant community.

Topfaith University’s commitment to delivering quality education isn’t just a mission; it’s a covenant.

We understand that your journey through our institution isn’t just about academic growth; it’s about holistic development.

Our university embodies the essence of a private educational experience in Nigeria, where excellence and personal growth seamlessly converge.

A Tapestry of Possibilities:

At Topfaith University, our canvas is painted with possibilities.

We believe in the power of education to shape destinies, and we’re dedicated to providing the platform for your dreams to unfold.

As you traverse our campus, explore your chosen path, and engage with our vibrant academic community, you’ll discover that your potential knows no bounds.

Stay Connected to Progress:

To stay informed about our latest developments, programs, and more, we invite you to visit our official website.

It’s the gateway to a world where education transforms into empowerment.

Stay Connected for Progress:

For the latest updates on school fees, policies, and more, we invite you to visit our official website:

Shaping Minds, Fostering Futures:

At Topfaith University, we believe in nurturing potential, cultivating skills, and inspiring excellence.

Join us in shaping minds and crafting futures that hold the promise of brilliance.

Please be aware that the mentioned fees correspond to the academic session and are subject to change.

For the most current updates, kindly refer to the university’s official website.

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