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Are you looking to join Osun State University, UNIOSUN, or are you already a student there?

UNIOSUN Portal is your digital gateway to all things related to admissions, student affairs, and screening.

In this comprehensive post, I will go into the functionalities of the UNIOSUN Portal, making your academic journey smoother and more convenient.


The road to success often begins with the first step, and for aspiring students, this step is the admission process.

UNIOSUN Portal streamlines this crucial phase, ensuring that prospective students have a user-friendly platform to facilitate their applications.

Applying for Admission

To initiate the admission process, prospective students must first create an account on the UNIOSUN Portal.

This account serves as your digital ID within the system.

Once logged in, students can access the online application form.

The application form prompts students to provide essential information such as personal details and academic qualifications.

It’s important to ensure that the details entered are accurate, as this information will be used for processing your application.

Application Fee

Please note that there is a non-refundable application fee.

This fee covers the administrative costs associated with processing your application.

Payment can also be conveniently made through the UNIOSUN Portal, providing an all-in-one solution for aspiring students.

Tracking Your Application

After submitting your application, the UNIOSUN Portal allows you to track the status of your submission.

This feature keeps you informed and eases any anxieties about the application process.

In case of successful application, you will be offered admission to UNIOSUN.

This offer can be accepted through the portal, simplifying the process even further.

Student Affairs

For current UNIOSUN students, the UNIOSUN Portal offers a plethora of services to manage academic records and various student-related activities.

Academic Record Management

Students can conveniently view their course registrations, transcripts, and exam results through the portal.

This easy access to academic records empowers students to stay on top of their progress.

Course Registration

Additionally, the UNIOSUN Portal allows students to register for courses, making the process smoother and more efficient.

No more waiting in long lines or dealing with paperwork; it can all be done online.

Financial Transactions

Handling financial matters as a student is made hassle-free with the portal.

You can pay your tuition fees, apply for scholarships, and explore financial aid options, all from the comfort of your own device.


All prospective UNIOSUN students are required to participate in the university’s post-UTME screening exercise.

This phase is a pivotal step to assess the students’ readiness for university-level studies.

Registering for the Screening Exercise

To register for the post-UTME screening exercise, prospective students need to create an account on the UNIOSUN Portal.

A non-refundable screening fee is required, which can be paid through the portal.

Once payment is confirmed, students can schedule their screening date and time, providing them with the flexibility to choose a time that suits their schedule.

The Screening Process

On the day of the screening exercise, students must present their original JAMB result slip and other relevant documents.

The screening may involve a computer-based test and/or an oral interview, designed to assess your readiness for university studies.

It’s important to be well-prepared and present the required documents for a smooth screening process.

How to Access the UNIOSUN Portal

Accessing the UNIOSUN Portal is straightforward, and we’re here to guide you through it.

  1. Visit the Website: Go to https://uniosun.edu.ng.
  2. Portal Link: On the homepage, look for the “Portal” link in the top navigation bar. Click on it to be redirected to the UNIOSUN Portal login page.

New Applicants

  • Creating an Account: If you’re a new applicant, click on the “New Applicants” link on the login page. This will take you to a page where you can create your account on the portal.

Returning Applicants

  • Logging In: If you’re a returning applicant, click on the “Returning Applicants” link on the login page. This will redirect you to a page where you can log in to your existing account.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to all the admission, student, and screening-related features of the portal, making your UNIOSUN experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

Is the admission list for UNIOSUN out?

Great news for prospective UNIOSUN students! The admission list for the 2023/2024 academic session has been officially released, with the merit list becoming available on September 20, 2023.

If you’re eager to check your admission status and take the next steps in your academic journey, here’s how you can do it:

Checking Your UNIOSUN Admission Status

  1. Enable Desktop Site: To begin, make sure you’re using a desktop or a device that enables the “Desktop Site” option in your browser settings. This ensures you have the best viewing experience on the UNIOSUN admission checking portal.
  2. Log In: Once you’ve ensured the desktop site is enabled, log in to the portal using your JAMB email and password. This login information is crucial to access your admission status.
  3. Access Admission Status: Scroll down on the portal’s page to locate and click on the “Check Admission Status” tab or CAPS. This is where you’ll find information about your admission.
  4. Exam Year: If prompted, select the appropriate exam year, which in this case would be for the 2023/2024 academic session.
  5. JAMB Registration Number: Enter your JAMB registration number when prompted. This is an essential step to verify your identity and access your admission status.
  6. Check Admission Status: Click on the “Check Admission Status” button. This will prompt the portal to retrieve and display your UNIOSUN admission status.

If you find that you’ve been offered admission, congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming a UNIOSUN student. However, please be aware that you’ll need to take some additional steps to secure your admission.

Acceptance Fee and Related Fees

Once you’ve received an admission offer, you will likely need to pay an acceptance fee and other related fees to secure your place at UNIOSUN.

These fees are an important part of confirming your commitment to joining the university, so be sure to follow the instructions provided on the admission portal regarding payment.

Please keep in mind that it’s essential to complete all required payments and administrative procedures within the stipulated time frame to guarantee your spot at UNIOSUN.

We wish you the best of luck in your academic journey at Osun State University.

Congratulations on this significant achievement, and we hope your experience at UNIOSUN will be both rewarding and enriching.

How can I check my admission status on UNIOSUN portal?

  1. Access the Portal: Start by going to the UNIOSUN admission checking portal at https://admissions.uniosun.edu.ng/returning/.
  2. Enable Desktop Site: Ensure that you’ve enabled the “Desktop Site” option in your browser settings. This will optimize your viewing experience on the portal.
  3. Log In: Use your JAMB email and password to log in to the portal. Your login credentials are crucial for accessing your admission status.
  4. Find Admission Status: Scroll down the portal’s page to locate and click on the “Check Admission Status” tab or CAPS. This is where you’ll find information about your admission.
  5. Select Exam Year: If prompted, choose the appropriate exam year, which should be for the 2023/2024 academic session.
  6. Enter JAMB Registration Number: Provide your JAMB registration number when required. This step is vital for verifying your identity and accessing your admission status.
  7. Check Admission Status: Click on the “Check Admission Status” button. This will prompt the portal to retrieve and display your UNIOSUN admission status.

Admission Results

If you have been admitted, you will see a message that says: “Congratulations! You have been admitted to Osun State University, Osogbo.

” Additionally, you will be able to view details about your course of study and other relevant information regarding your admission.

In the event that you have not been admitted, you will see a message that states: “You have not been admitted to Osun State University, Osogbo.”

It’s important to note that admission lists are typically released in batches.

If you haven’t received admission in the current list, please continue checking the portal regularly, as there may be subsequent batches with additional admissions.

We understand that waiting for admission results can be an anxious time, but remember that persistence can be key, and your efforts may be rewarded in a future batch.

Best of luck with your admission process at UNIOSUN!


Osun State University School Fees

Osun State University courses offered

2024 JAMB Result Checker with Phone Number

www.jamb.org.ng result checker portal 2023

Jamb Result Checker 2024: with registration number & SMS Phone Number

How much is Osun State University school fees per semester?

Understanding the school fees structure at Osun State University (UNIOSUN) is crucial for students and their families.

Here’s a breakdown of the school fees for the 2022/2023 academic session, including the additional fees that students may need to consider:

School Fees for 100 Level and 200 Level Direct Entry Students (Freshers)

Course TypeIndigenesNon-Indigenes

School Fees for Returning Students

Course TypeIndigenesNon-Indigenes

In addition to the school fees mentioned above, students are also required to pay other fees.

These additional fees may include:

  • Faculty/Departmental Dues
  • ICT Fees
  • Library Fees
  • TISHIP (Tertiary Institutions Students Health Insurance Programme) Fees
  • Games Fees
  • Examination Fees

The total amount of these additional fees typically ranges from ₦25,000 to ₦35,000 per semester.

Therefore, when considering the total cost of education at UNIOSUN, students and their families should factor in both the basic school fees and these additional fees.

The total school fees for UNIOSUN students per semester can range from ₦155,000 to ₦585,000, depending on the student’s course of study, indigene status, and whether they are freshers or returning students.

It’s important for students to plan their finances accordingly to ensure a smooth academic experience at UNIOSUN.

How can I check my UNIOSUN screening result?

  1. Access the Portal: Visit the UNIOSUN Undergraduate Admissions e-Portal at https://admissions.uniosun.edu.ng/.
  2. Enter Details: On the portal’s login page, enter your registration number and your account password into the required columns.
  3. Log In: Click on the “Login” button to access your account.
  4. Check Result: Once you are logged in, navigate to the “Check Result” button and click on it.
  5. View Your Result: Your screening result will be displayed on the screen. This is where you will find important information regarding your performance in the screening exercise.
  6. Forgot Password?: In case you have forgotten your account password, don’t worry. You can retrieve it by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page. Follow the provided instructions to reset your password and regain access to your account.

Please take note that the UNIOSUN screening result is typically released a few days after the screening exercise has taken place. If you have checked your result and it is not yet available, please be patient and wait for a few more days. You can return to the portal to check again once the results have been made available.

Your screening result is an important part of the admission process, so make sure to stay updated and informed about your status.

I wish you the best of luck with your UNIOSUN admission journey!


The UNIOSUN Portal is your digital companion on your academic journey at Osun State University.

Whether you’re applying for admission, managing your student affairs, or preparing for the screening exercise, the portal is designed to simplify and streamline these processes.

By providing a user-friendly and efficient platform, UNIOSUN ensures that you can focus on what truly matters: your education.

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