UNIUYO Aggregate Score for all Courses

University of Uyo (UNIUYO) Aggregate Scores for Admission

The University of Uyo (UNIUYO) is one of Nigeria’s leading federal universities, located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Before gaining admission into UNIUYO for any course, prospective students must meet the required aggregate score, which is calculated based on performance in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Secondary School Certificate Examinations (SSCE).

This score varies depending on the department and course.

UNIUYO Aggregate Score for all Courses

What is UTME/Aggregate Score?

The University of Uyo, like most other Nigerian universities, uses a system called the Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME) to select qualified candidates for admission. This involves scoring candidates based on their performance in UTME and SSCE.

UTME stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. It is a mandatory standardized examination written by students seeking admission into Nigerian universities. The exam tests subjects such as English, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, economics, commerce, and more.

The aggregate score refers to the calculated sum of a candidate’s scores from the following exams:

  • UTME score
  • SSCE/GCE O’ level results or grades
  • Post UTME/screening score (if applicable)

The higher the aggregate score, the better a candidate’s chances of gaining admission.

Overview of Admission Process

JAMB Score (40% weighting)

This refers to the score obtained in the compulsory UTME exam. Students must score up to the set cutoff mark in JAMB to proceed to the next stage.

O’Level Results (50% weighting)

This refers to the grades obtained in a minimum of 5 subjects in WASSCE/SSCE/NECO/GCE exams. Specific subjects may be required by certain departments.

Post UTME Score (10% weighting)

After meeting the cutoff marks in UTME and O’level exams, candidates will be invited for the Post UTME screening. Scores from here contribute to the overall aggregate score.

The University of Uyo uses a weighted average of these 3 components to calculate and rank candidates. Only those meeting departmental cutoff marks will be admitted based on available vacancies. The higher your aggregate score, the higher your chances.

UNIUYO General Cutoff Marks

Before looking at the aggregate scores for specific courses, here is an overview of the general departmental and JAMB cutoff marks to get into University of Uyo:

  • JAMB Cutoff Mark: 180
  • Departmental Cutoff Marks: Varies per department/course. Generally ranges from 180 to 260.

This means that while 180 is set as the minimum aggregate score in UTME for eligibility into UNIUYO, candidates must also score up to their departmental cutoff mark after including O’Level grades and Post-UTME scores.

Meeting the general cutoff alone does not guarantee admission if the departmental cutoff and admission quota for the session have been exceeded.

Aggregate Scores for UNIUYO Courses

Here is an overview of the competitive aggregate admission scores required for various courses at the University of Uyo:

Faculty of Arts

  • English: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Linguistics: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Religious Studies: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Philosophy: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Theatre Arts: Min. 230 aggregate
  • Music: Min. 230 aggregate
  • Fine & Applied Arts: Min. 230 aggregate

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Economics: Min. 220 aggregate
  • Political Science: Min. 220 aggregate
  • Sociology: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Psychology: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Geography: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Mass Communication: Min. 230 aggregate

Faculty of Education

  • Arts Education: Min. 220 aggregate
  • Social Science Education: Min. 220 aggregate
  • Science Education: Min. 230 aggregate
  • Technical Education: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Early Childhood Education: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Educational Administration & Planning: Min. 210 aggregate

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering: Min. 250 aggregate
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: Min 250 aggregate
  • Mechanical Engineering: Min. 250 aggregate
  • Petroleum & Gas Engineering: Min. 260 aggregate
  • Computer Engineering: Min. 250 aggregate

Faculty of Environmental Studies

  • Architecture: Min. 240 aggregate
  • Building: Min. 210 aggregate
  • Quantity Surveying: Min 210 aggregate
  • Urban & Regional Planning: Min. 220 aggregate
  • Estate Management: Min. 220 aggregate

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy: Min. 240 aggregate

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Anatomy: Min 230 aggregate
  • Medical Laboratory Science: Min. 230 aggregate
  • Physiology: Min. 230 aggregate

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

  • Medicine & Surgery: Min. 260 aggregate
  • Nursing Science: Min. 230 aggregate
  • Medical Radiography & Radiation Science: Min. 210 aggregate

How to Calculate UNIUYO Aggregate Score

As earlier explained, UNIUYO aggregate score is obtained by combining the UTME score with O’level results and Post UTME score, each with weighted percentages.

Here is how to calculate your aggregate score for UNIUYO admission:

1. Get your JAMB total score

Let’s assume your UTME score is 200.

2. Get your Post UTME total scores

Let’s assume your Post UTME score is 70.

3. Calculate your O’Level aggregate grade

For 5 O’level subjects, add up subject grades and divide by number of subjects. If you scored A, B, B, C, D, your O’level aggregate grade is (6+5+5+4+3) / 5 subjects = 23/5 = 4.6

4. Compute the weighted average aggregate score

  • JAMB Score (40%): 200 x 0.4 = 80
  • O’Level grade (50%): 4.6 x 0.5 = 2.3
  • Post UTME Score (10%): 70 x 0.1 = 7
  • Total Aggregate Score = 80 + 2.3 + 7 = 189.3

This shows that with a UTME score of 200, Post UTME 70, and O’Level 4.6; your total aggregate score for UNIUYO is 189.3.

Whether this makes the cutoff mark depends on the departmental requirements explained earlier. The higher your scores in UTME, Post UTME and O’Levels; the higher your aggregate score.

See UNIUYO Portal: Admission | Student | Screening


Meeting the aggregate cutoff mark for your desired course is essential but not a guarantee of admission into UNIUYO. Scoring well beyond the minimum set mark boosts your chances.

Also ensure other eligibility criteria are met, including subject combinations, certificate uploads, etc. Undertake the admission process early and participate in the screening exercise when invited.

I wish all UNIUYO admissions applicants success as you seek to secure competitive aggregate scores for your preferred programs! Work hard and do your best – that’s all you can do at this stage.

For more admission updates, visit the school website.


What is the UNIUYO general departmental cutoff mark?

The general departmental cutoff mark for UNIUYO is 180. However, students must score the specific cutoff set by their desired department/faculty which could be as high as 260.

Does UNIUYO accept awaiting results?

UNIUYO may accept awaiting results but candidates must upload evidence before a set deadline to be fully considered for admission.

What if I score above the UNIUYO cutoff but am not admitted?

Scoring above the cutoff alone doesn’t guarantee admission. Factors like quota limits per department also affect intake each year. However, higher scores give you a better chance.

What is the least competitive faculty at UNIUYO?

The Faculty of Environmental Studies tends to be less competitive, with lower cutoff marks averaging 210 – 220 aggregates for courses like Building, Quantity Surveying, and Estate Management.

What is the most competitive faculty at UNIUYO?

The most competitive faculty at UNIUYO is the Faculty of Clinical Sciences which offers Medicine and other medical programs. Cutoff here can be up to 260 – 275 aggregates.


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