University of Maiduguri School Fees 2024/2025

Comprehensive Guide to UNIMAID School Fees for 2024/2025 Session

The University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) is one of the most sought after federal universities in Nigeria. As the admission process for the 2024/2025 academic calendar is underway, both fresh and returning students need reliable information on the applicable UNIMAID school fees and associated costs to plan their budgets.

This detailed guide provides insights into the recently updated fee structure for various undergraduate programs at UNIMAID along with additional academic and hostel costs students need to account for. We also explore the fee payment process, available discounts and key things to note to avoid financial surprises after admission. read more here.

University of Maiduguri School Fees


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University of Maiduguri School Fees Summary

Student CategoryTuition Fees (₦)Additional Fees (₦)Hostel Accommodation Fees (₦)
Newly Admitted33,000Acceptance Fee: 5,000Old Hostels: 10,000
Medical Fees: 2,000New Hostels: 15,000 – 20,000
Library Fees: 1,000
Student Union Fees: 1,000
Departmental Fees: 5,000 – 10,000
Examination Fees: 2,000
Graduation Fees: 5,000
Returning18,000Medical Fees: 2,000
Library Fees: 1,000
Student Union Fees: 1,000
Departmental Fees: 5,000 – 10,000
Examination Fees: 2,000
Graduation Fees: 5,000
University of Maiduguri School Fees

Please note:

  • Hostel accommodation fees vary based on the type of hostel.
  • Additional costs such as course textbooks, food, provisions, and transportation expenses are not included in the table but should be budgeted for separately.

UNIMAID Tuition Fees Basis Student Category

UNIMAID undergraduate school fees for the incoming 2024/2025 session vary primarily based on your admission status:

Newly Admitted Students

If you are a candidate newly admitted into UNIMAID through JAMB or direct entry, you will be classified as a “new student”.

  • The tuition fee payable by new UNIMAID students is ₦33,000

This covers the standard tuition for your first year across all undergraduate programs. Some departments may have additional charges so do cross-check your offer letter.

Returning Students

If you are an existing UNIMAID student progressing into your second, third, fourth or fifth year, you are categorized as a “returning student”.

  • The tuition fee applicable for returning UNIMAID undergraduates is ₦18,000

So your tuition fees reduce substantially from first year onwards once you are continuing within the same UNIMAID degree program without any breaks.

Please note that these base tuition amounts are provisional estimates only which are revised once the federal government formally ratifies actual amounts payable across federal universities for the coming admission cycle.

Additional Administrative & Academic Fees

Along with the tuition fees, some additional administrative charges need to be budgeted for by both new and returning UNIMAID students:

Acceptance Fees – ₦5,000 (one-time, paid only by newly admitted students)

Medical Fees – ₦2,000 per session

Library Fees – ₦1,000 per session

Student Union Fees – ₦1,000 yearly

Departmental Fees – Ranging from ₦5,000 – ₦10,000 per session depending on your faculty and program specialization

Examination Fees – ₦2,000 per session

Graduation Fees – Final year students need to budget ₦5,000 towards convocation and degree award certificates

While some fees are fixed, departmental charges may vary across disciplines like Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Pharmacy, Engineering etc. Review your offer letter carefully or contact your department for clarity.

Acceptance Fee Payment

The non-refundable acceptance fee of ₦5,000 should be paid once you have:

  • Received provisional admission letter from UNIMAID
  • Accepted the offered undergraduate program seat
  • Submitted your signed acceptance form and Undertaking letter back to the university

Payment can be done online into the designated UNIMAID account or directly at an approved bank branch. Attach your remittance slip with matriculation number written before registration.

Hostel Accommodation Fees

In addition to tuition and admin fees, staying in UNIMAID hostel facilities also entails annual charges:

  • Old Hostels – ₦10,000 per bed space
  • New Hostels – ₦15,000 – ₦20,000 based on room category

However, hostel accommodation is not guaranteed for all new students due to capacity constraints. So factor in alternative private hostel or rented apartment costs near campus as needed.

Some students who get hostel allocation may still choose to take up private accommodation for better facilities.

Additional Costs to Budget For

Beyond just UNIMAID school fees, students also need to budget for:

  • Course textbooks & materials – Expect spending an average of ₦10,000 – ₦15,000 annually on prescribed textbooks, course handouts, practical kits etc.
  • Food & provisions – Budget ₦40,000 – ₦60,000 per session for food items, toiletries, laundry etc. based on current inflation trends
  • Transportation – Factor expenses of shuttle from university hostels to campus or cost of fuel for private vehicles

So for an enhanced UNIMAID experience and avoiding financial distress, prepare reasonable estimates right from first year for all direct and indirect academic costs.

UNIMAID School Fees Payment Procedure

The process to pay UNIMAID school fees involves following key steps:

i. Obtain Breakdown of Fees from Department

The first step once admission offer is accepted is to reach out to your respective department at UNIMAID to ascertain the exact fees applicable. Prepare demand letter addressed to HOD.

ii. Request for Fees Invoice

Next, visit the UNIMAID Bursary department with the demand letter and request them to generate an official invoice indicating your customized payable amount.

iii. Pay at Designated Bank

Take invoice to an approved bank to make payment within deadline either via cash deposit, cards, transfers, cheques etc. Get receipt.

iv. Submit Payment Evidence to Bursary

Submit bank teller payments receipts to the UNIMAID Bursary department. Keep copies securely for future references.

Follow-up after few days to collect your UNIMAID school fee receipt which can be used as provisional admission letter before full registration process.

UNIMAID School Fees Payment Deadline

  • New students must complete Acceptance and other fees payment within 2 weeks of admission offer letter to confirm their admission.
  • For returning students, normal tuition fees for each session should be cleared before commencement of first semester examinations.

Failing to clear payments before deadlines can result in admission cancelation or being barred from taking exams. So pay on time!

Discounts & Financial Support Options

UNIMAID offers following concessions to financially constrained students:

Sports Scholarships

Under the Vice Chancellor’s Sports Scholarship Scheme, gifted students active in competitive sports and games can receive up to 50% waiver on tuition fees.

Needs-Based Support

Students from very poor families can submit request for special remission of fees and assistance from Students Work-Study Program subject to verification and approval.

External Scholarships

Also apply for external undergraduate scholarships offered by state governments, private foundations and corporates specifically targeted at indigent students from northern Nigeria.

Leverage these facilities to fund your UNIMAID education if facing financial difficulties.

So in summary, UNIMAID strives to offer quality subsidized education to make university learning accessible to deserving candidates. Ensure you plan smartly and account for both direct academic fees and additional living costs in Borno state right from first year itself for a smooth UNIMAID journey!

Reach out if you need any other guidance.

FAQs on UNIMAID School Fees

Here are some additional commonly asked questions around paying UNIMAID fees:

Can I pay UNIMAID fees in installments?

Unfortunately, the university does not allow installment payments. Entire applicable fee has to be cleared fully within specified deadline for each session.

Which departments have the highest school fees?

Disciplines like Engineering, Sciences, Architecture, Pharmacy and Medicine attract comparatively higher tuition and departmental charges at UNIMAID given specialized lab and equipment costs.

How do I get hostel at UNIMAID?

New students should check admission letter – if marked as “Hostel Provisional”, apply on school portal when notified. Also check private arrangements nearby.

Can poor students get complete school fees waiver?

Full 100% waiver is rare. But those facing genuine constraints can get discounted fees or deferred payment option based on Students’ Welfare committee approval.

Can I pay fees with installments after getting Hostel allocation?

No, even for hostel charges – full annual fees without installments need to be cleared before physical hostel rooms can be occupied as per UNIMAID policy.

Please feel free to reach out if you need any other clarification around the updated 2024/2025 UNIMAID school fees structure.


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