BASUG Aggregate Score for All Courses

As the academic year approaches, prospective students often find themselves navigating a labyrinth of admission requirements and cutoff scores.

For those aspiring to join Bauchi State University, Gadau (BASUG) in the 2023/2024 academic session, understanding the aggregate scores is paramount.

This post will guide you through the essential information, from the general score to department-specific cutoffs and the calculation of your aggregate score.

BASUG's Aggregate Score for All Courses

BASUG’s Aggregate Score for All Courses

General Aggregate Score – Your Starting Point

BASUG has established a general aggregate score of 180 for all its degree programs in the upcoming academic session.

What this implies is that any candidate aiming to secure admission must attain a minimum score of 180 in both the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and the BASUG Post-UTME screening.

This general benchmark is the foundation on which your journey to BASUG begins.

Achieving the required 180 marks in both your JAMB UTME and BASUG Post-UTME is the initial step in securing your spot in this esteemed institution.

Departmental Cutoff Marks: The Key to Specialized Programs

While the general aggregate score sets the baseline for admission, it’s essential to understand that specific courses at BASUG have higher departmental cutoff marks.

These department-specific marks are designed to ensure that candidates possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills required for success in their chosen fields.

Let’s take, for example, the Department of Law. The departmental cutoff mark for Law is set at 250.

This implies that students with aspirations to pursue a degree in Law must not only meet the general score of 180 but also achieve a commendable score of 250 in both the JAMB UTME and the BASUG Post-UTME.

For a better perspective, here are the departmental cutoff marks for some of the most sought-after courses at BASUG in the 2023/2024 academic session:

  1. Law: 250
  2. Medicine: 260
  3. Pharmacy: 260
  4. Nursing: 240
  5. Engineering: 230
  6. Computer Science: 200
  7. Business Administration: 180
  8. Accounting: 180
  9. Economics: 180
  10. English Language: 180
  11. Mathematics: 180

It’s important to emphasize that these figures represent the minimum cutoff marks for each respective department.

Students who aspire to join these programs must aim to surpass these scores for a competitive edge.

The Importance of Higher Scores

Meeting the minimum cutoff marks is an essential step toward admission.

It’s equally crucial to acknowledge that achieving higher scores can significantly increase your chances of securing your desired course.

In the highly competitive world of university admissions, candidates with superior scores are more likely to be admitted, especially for programs with a high demand and limited slots.

Calculating Your BASUG Aggregate Score

To calculate your aggregate score for BASUG, you need to sum up your JAMB UTME score and your BASUG Post-UTME screening score.

For instance, if you achieve a score of 200 in your JAMB UTME and 220 in your BASUG Post-UTME screening, your aggregate score would be 420.

Remember, the higher your aggregate score, the better your chances of securing admission into BASUG.

BASUG’s Aggregate Score for All Courses


In conclusion, while meeting the minimum aggregate score is a necessity.

Aspiring BASUG students should aim to surpass these benchmarks to enhance their prospects of gaining admission to their preferred courses.

Your BASUG journey begins with the right scores, and your success is just one well-calculated aggregate away.

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