OOU Cut Off Mark for All Courses – JAMB & POST UTME

The cut-off mark is the minimum score required by an institution for a student to gain admission into their preferred course of study. Determining the cut-off mark is crucial for prospective students looking to apply to Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU).

In this post, I’ll be highlighting the most popular questions surrounding OOU’s cut off marks for various programs for both JAMB and post UTME.

Understanding the cut off marks will allow students make informed decisions when selecting OOU as their choice institution.

The cut off mark varies across different departments and between JAMB and post UTME. Carefully going through the details outlined in this article will provide clarity regarding the different requirements.

The key is to target scores above the given cut off marks to improve your chances of admission into your desired OOU program.

OOU Cut Off Mark for All Courses

What is the OOU cut off mark for JAMB?

The official JAMB cut off mark for admission into Olabisi Onabanjo University is 160. This means all applicants must score a minimum of 160 in JAMB to be eligible for admission into any program at the university.

This cut off mark applies uniformly across all courses at OOU.

However, scoring exactly 160 does not guarantee admission as some competitive courses still require higher scores to improve selection chances. Students should aim for scores above 200 to stand a good chance.

What is the cut off mark for law at OOU?

The JAMB cut off mark for the renowned Faculty of Law at OOU is pegged at 200 and above. The Faculty carefully selects the best students with scores not less than the stated cut off mark.

In addition, students must pass the law program post UTME screening before finally being admitted into the 5-year LL.B program. Excellent WAEC results are also requirements.

What is the cut off mark for medicine and surgery at OOU?

The cut off mark for OOU’s popular medicine and surgery program is pegged at 230 for JAMB. The curriculum for the MBBS program is very rigorous and only students with the capacity to excel are admitted with competitive scores above 230.

In addition to attaining the JAMB cut off mark, students must also pass the post UTME screening comprising physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry before admission into 200-Level.

What is the cut off mark for nursing science at OOU?

Nursing science is under the Faculty of Health Sciences at OOU. The official JAMB cut off mark to study any nursing program is 180. However, students should target 220 and above to improve their chances of admission into either B.N.Sc or the postgraduate nursing programs.

Selected students may also undergo an oral interview for final screening purposes. In addition, O/L nursing requires 5 credits in WAEC including English, physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics.

What is the cut off mark for engineering courses at OOU?

For the engineering programs, OOU has set its JAMB cut off mark at 180. However, some departments under the Faculty of Engineering have set their benchmarks slightly higher between 190-200. These include:

  • Civil Engineering: 190
  • Computer Engineering: 200
  • Electrical/Electronics: 200
  • Mechanical Engineering: 190

Therefore, while 180 is the minimum score for JAMB, candidates seeking engineering admission should aim for 200 and above for higher chances of admission.

What is the OOU post UTME cut off mark for education courses?

The post UTME is crucial for education courses as it includes major screening exams. To be eligible for admission into any education program, applicants must score a minimum of 60% in post UTME.

In addition, some departments have higher cut off marks for post UTME like Early Childhood Education at 65%. Students should target above 70% in post UTME to stand better chances across education courses.

What is the cut off mark for OOU pre-degree programs?

For students with SSCE/NECO qualifications seeking admission via the OOU pre-degree route, a minimum cut off mark of 160 and above is required. Though lower than UTME scores, admission into these 1-year programs leading into 200-level is still competitive.

Students gain foundational studies before proceeding to their degree courses. Aim for high scores above 180 for higher chances of securing pre-degree admission.

What departments accept the lowest JAMB scores at OOU?

While most courses require scores of 180 and above, some departments accept lower JAMB scores giving candidates with lower scores a chance for admission. They include:

  • Religious Studies: 160
  • Arts & Social Sciences: 160-180
  • Agriculture: 160-170
  • Education courses: 170-180

Meeting set cut off marks for these course still doesn’t fully guarantee admission. Scoring higher gives you a better chance.

Does OOU have the same JAMB cut off mark for sciences and arts courses?

No. For science-based courses like Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, the cut off marks are generally set higher ranging between 200-230. This allows the faculties to select the best from students with higher scores.

Meanwhile, arts and social science-based course cut off marks range between 160-180. Though lower, competition for limited slots under these courses is still high.

How does OOU’s cut off mark compare to other universities in Nigeria?

Compared to other federal and state universities, OOU’s cut off marks are moderate. Premier federal universities like UNN and UI require higher scores of 200+ for competitive courses like Law, Medicine, Engineering etc. OOU maintains relatively fair cut off marks across board.

Even so, students still need to score higher than the minimum marks for their best chance of admission into their preferred OOU course.

Key Takeaways

  • OOU’s official JAMB cut off mark is 160 but most courses require 180+
  • Competitive courses like Law and Medicine require minimum scores of 200+
  • Students should target scores above listed cut off marks for admission chances
  • Post UTME cut off marks apply in addition for some courses including Education, Law, Medicine etc.
  • Sciences generally require higher marks than Arts/Social Science courses
  • OOU cut off marks are moderate compared to other universities


  • OOU provides admission opportunities to students across major courses
  • Understanding the JAMB and Post UTME cut off marks for your preferred program is essential
  • Scoring above the stipulated cut off marks for your chosen course enhances your admission prospects
  • With OOU’s cut off mark requirements highlighted in this article, prospective students can make better choices


  1. What is the difference between JAMB and Post UTME cut off marks?

The JAMB cut off mark is set by the university as the minimum score for admission eligibility. The Post UTME is an additional entry test with its own cut off students must pass before finally being admitted.

  1. Does OOU accept NECO and WAEC for admission?

Yes, OOU accepts NECO and WAEC including the pre-degree route. Students still need to achieve stipulated cut off marks of a minimum of 160 for most courses to be eligible.

  1. What is the best way to stand a chance of admission at OOU?

Students should aim for JAMB scores above the listed cut off marks for their course of choice. Also pass the Post UTME exam where applicable, and meet faculty requirements for final selection.


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