DELSU Aggregate Score for All Courses

Getting admitted to Delta State University (DELSU) is a goal many students aspire to achieve.

Understanding the importance of the DELSU aggregate score is crucial in navigating the path to admission success.

In this POST, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the DELSU aggregate score, its calculation, and how you can optimize it for better admission prospects.

DELSU Aggregate Score for All Courses

What is the DELSU Aggregate Score?

The DELSU aggregate score is essentially the key that unlocks the door to your desired course at Delta State University.

It is the average of your JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board) score and your Post UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) score.

This combined score serves as a determining factor for your eligibility to pursue various courses offered by DELSU.

Simply put, the higher your aggregate score, the brighter your chances of securing admission.

Calculating Your DELSU Aggregate Score: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: JAMB Score Division

The first step in calculating your DELSU aggregate score involves dividing your JAMB score by 8. JAMB, with a total of 400 marks and each question carrying 2 marks, requires this division to provide a fair assessment of your performance.

Step 2: Post UTME Score Division

Moving on to the Post UTME score, which carries a total of 100 marks with each question valued at 1 mark, you need to divide your Post UTME score by 2. This step ensures a balanced integration of both JAMB and Post UTME results.

Step 3: Summing it Up

The final step is to add the results obtained from the JAMB and Post UTME divisions. This sum represents your DELSU aggregate score and is a numerical reflection of your overall performance in the entrance examinations.

Example Calculation

Let’s illustrate this process with an example. If your JAMB score is 250 and your Post UTME score is 65, the calculation would be as follows:


In this case, a calculated aggregate score of 63.75 indicates a favorable chance of admission into any course at DELSU.

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Understanding Your Chances

While a higher aggregate score generally improves your chances of admission, it’s crucial to note that the DELSU aggregate cut-off mark varies by course and the number of applicants.

The cut-off mark represents the minimum aggregate score required to qualify for admission into a specific course.

What is the cut off mark for Medicine?

Aspiring medical practitioners eyeing Delta State University’s (DELSU) esteemed Medicine and Surgery program must grasp the significance of cut-off marks.

For UTME entrants, a minimum score of 70 is required, while Direct Entry (DE) candidates should aim for a score of at least 65 in the Post UTME examination.

These thresholds serve as the key to unlocking the doors of this prestigious and competitive course.

Dynamics of Cut-off Marks

It’s essential to recognize that cut-off marks are not static figures; they fluctuate based on several factors. The number of applicants, candidate performance, and available spaces all contribute to the variability of cut-off marks. As an applicant, staying informed about these dynamics can significantly impact your strategy for securing admission.

A Glimpse into Medicine and Surgery at DELSU

The Course Overview

Medicine and Surgery at DELSU is a four-year undergraduate program designed to mold students into competent and ethical medical professionals.

This comprehensive curriculum delves into various facets of human health, covering topics such as diseases, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and research.

Practical Exposure

The program goes beyond theoretical knowledge, providing students with practical skills in laboratory techniques, clinical skills, community health, public health, and health policy.

This hands-on approach ensures that graduates are not only well-versed in medical theory but also equipped with the practical expertise demanded by the medical field.

Strategic Preparation for Aspiring Medicine and Surgery Students

UTME and Post UTME Excellence

Success in both the UTME and Post UTME examinations is non-negotiable for those aspiring to join the Medicine and Surgery program.

Achieving the specified cut-off marks is the first crucial step towards eligibility.

Meeting General Admission Requirements

Apart from excelling in the entrance exams, meeting DELSU’s general admission requirements is paramount.

This includes securing a minimum of five credit passes in SSCE results (across not more than two sittings), fulfilling any additional requirements such as NYSC or other service obligations (if applicable), and completing necessary administrative procedures such as paying the application fee.

What are the requirements for admission into DELSU?

Embarking on the journey to secure admission into Delta State University (DELSU) involves understanding the distinct requirements based on your chosen mode of entry—UTME or Direct Entry.

In this section, I’ll break down the essential prerequisites for both modes, ensuring you are well-equipped to navigate the admission process seamlessly.

UTME Entry Requirements

1. O’Level Result

For UTME entry, aspiring students must have a minimum of 6 credit passes in their O’level result. These must include English Language, Mathematics, and three other relevant subjects.

2. JAMB UTME Examination

Scoring a minimum of 160 in the JAMB UTME examination is a crucial requirement. This score serves as a benchmark, reflecting your competency and eligibility for admission.

3. Post UTME Screening

Participating in the DELSU post UTME screening examination is mandatory for UTME entrants. Performing well in this assessment further strengthens your candidacy.

4. Subject Combination

Choosing the correct subject combination aligned with your intended course of study is imperative. This ensures that your academic background aligns seamlessly with the requirements of your chosen program.

5. Cut-off Mark

Meeting the cut-off mark specified for your chosen course of study is essential. This mark represents the minimum threshold required for eligibility in your desired program.

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Direct Entry Requirements

1. O’Level Result

Direct Entry applicants must have a minimum of 5 credit passes in their O’level result, including English Language and Mathematics. However, these credits must not span more than two sittings.

2. Certificates

Candidates opting for Direct Entry must possess any of the following certificates: OND, ND, NCE, IJMB, Cambridge A level, BSc, HND, ICAN, or an equivalent qualification.

3. JAMB Direct Entry Examination

Similar to UTME entry, scoring at least 160 in the JAMB Direct Entry examination is a prerequisite for Direct Entry applicants.


In conclusion, mastering the art of calculating and understanding your DELSU aggregate score is a vital step towards securing admission.

By following the outlined steps and aiming for a competitive aggregate score, you increase your chances of stepping into the academic realm of Delta State University.

Remember, the DELSU aggregate score is not just a number; it’s the key to unlocking your academic aspirations. Best of luck on your journey to DELSU admission success!


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